Why Lush Ultrabland Made Me Change To A Balm Cleanser

Ultrabland Lush Balm Cleanser

Lush Ultrabland

I’ve always been a micellar water kinda gal and to be honest, I think I’ll always come back to my trusty bottle when I’m travelling or just need a quick freshen up, however recently, I had a reaction to something (I think I got a little trigger happy with the glycolics and retinol pumps, topped off by applying too close to my eye area), and my eyes were red, sore and even flakey at one point. Taking makeup off was agony, washing my face was horrific, moisturising or using oils was a stinging nightmare and putting make up on was comparable to using battery acid on my eyes. It was not a fun time!

I’ve never really had a reaction like this before. I’ve had breakouts and dryness, you know, the usual. But nothing quite so acute and sore. 

I did my research and ran to Boots to get something to soothe and repair my sensitive skin and have a chat with the Pharmacist. The Pharmacist actually suggested the cream I’d already picked up which was great, and better yet it was on offer. The cream I went for was the Eucerin 5% urea. The ingredients are simple and designed to give much needed moisture to very sensitive skin so it worked well on my tight face and eyes, phew.

I realised that I was going to have to really strip my skincare back for a few weeks, so I ditched all my usual oils, creams, drops and acids for the Eucerin, but the micellar water was still a killer. Luckily I’d recently purchased ‘Ultrabland’ from Lush. I’d used it once but tried to remove it with a cotton pad, which clearly wasn’t going to work, so I wasn’t really impressed with the product. I decided to give it another go with the recommendation from a friend to use a muslin or flannel with it. I mean, it’s in the name right, if anything is going to be good for my skin it would have to be something which is, well – ultra bland! 

There’s nothing in it that is going to irritate your skin, and is literally made of nothing. It feels like nothing, smells like nothing, yet takes your makeup off like a dream, and leaves your skin feeling glorious. 

I used a good sized blob of it and smoothed it all over my face, focusing on my lashes as my mascara is pretty hardcore. I rubbed the Ultrabland facial cleansing balm all over the place until I felt that it had done its job. I then dampened a flannel and wiped away the residue. 

I cannot believe how well it took my make up away. Because it has beeswax, my skin felt soft and moisturised afterwards, and when my skin was seriously sensitive – I used some of the Ultrabland as a moisturiser after drying my face too for some added TLC.

My skin has now recovered from it’s temporary melt down, and my retinols and acids are staying well away from the eye area that’s for sure! However, I’ve now made Ultrabland part of my daily routine and I’m enjoying using it so much. It’s the most effective product I’ve used to remove make up and rather than clogging my pores like I thought balm cleansers would do, it actually feels like it is soothing and looking after my skin rather than clogging it completely. 

I know there’s a lot of balm cleansers out there and I’m excited to try a few different ones now I have been introduced to the balm cleansing world! I think I’ll always have a little place in my heart for the Ultrabland though as Lush is a brand I have used forever and trust completely. If I ever have any sort of skin flare up, I know what I’ll be reaching for. 

If you’re yet to dive into the balm cleansing world, I hope this post encourages you to do so. Being apprehensive put me off for so long and I regret not trying one sooner! The next balm cleanser in my drawer to be tested is the Clinique ‘take the day off’.

The moral of the story: a minor skin mis-hap led me to a product that I now cannot live without and I am so very happy it did.


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