Clinique Liquid Facial Soap – My Holy Grail Face Wash

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap



I used to be so scared of trying different skincare products, and the thought of switching face washes would terrify me to my core. I used to have panicked phone calls with my mum about what we were going to do when no7 changed their face wash formula to a foaming pump! I’ve always kept my face wash simple as I don’t want to irritate or clog my skin at all and prefer to use the fancy ingredients in my serums and oils.

I have naturally dry skin (although I do feel like this is changing as I get older, or maybe the years of drenching my skin in moisture and oils is finally paying off haha), so I’m careful not to strip my skin too much during cleansing.

Years ago my friend recommended Clinique to me, and given that she had been to hell and back with her skin I was excited to give it a go myself. I went straight out and bought it and to be honest, I have never looked back.

I chose the Clinique liquid facial soap in mild. This is the only face wash I used for years until I gained the confidence to try a few different brands. Even though I have become a bit braver, I still use Clinique pretty much everyday in both the morning and evenings. 

I love the gel formula, and the packaging is easy to use while doing your skincare as it’s a pump. I don’t like foam, and creamy cleansers are too much for my skin sometimes. It does what it says and cleanses my face without drying it out and leaves me feeling clean and refreshed. There’s a few variations of the Clinique liquid facial soap depending on what type of skin you have. The mild formulation that I use is probably the best all-rounder as it’s not drying but it does cleanse your skin thoroughly. There is an oily version if you suffer from oily skin and clogged pores, and an extra mild for super sensitive skin.

The fact that this product has remained on my shelf for about 5 years tells me that it’s pretty damn cult as not many products can stand the test of time and I can’t see this disappearing from my skincare routine anytime soon!

If you’re looking for a new face wash to add to your routine, or you want to find a brand who can offer something tailored to your skin needs, I suggest heading over to the Clinique website, or seeing if your local Boots or department store has a counter as they’re really helpful and will be able to find something to suit your skincare needs.

You can also get minis to take on holiday or on a weekend away – I even noticed you can get these on ASOS now which makes life SO much easier!


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