Secrets of Spain: Nerja

Nerja Blog

City: Nerja

Country: Spain

Flight Time From UK: 2hrs 55mins

Best Time to Visit: The summer months are the best for a hot holiday if you love tanning and going to the beach. Spring and autumn is a great time to visit if you prefer slightly cooler weather and walks and sightseeing.




You may or may not have heard of Nerja as it’s fast becoming a tourist hotspot in the south of Spain, yet is still much more authentic than a lot of summer holiday locations. My family have been holidaying to Nerja for over ten years now and some years we’ve been back multiple times. I’ve even tagged a few days in Nerja onto the end of other holidays such as a city break to Seville (a 4 hour coach ride away which is surprisingly comfortable, cheap and easy and I highly recommend)!

Nerja is pretty much my favourite place for a completely lazy holiday, laying by a pool, chilling on the beach and going for cocktails in the evening so instead of boring you with the ins and outs of my family holidays, I thought I’d give you my top 5 things to do if you’re thinking of visiting along with a few snaps from over the years.




Here are my top 5 things to do in Nerja


Las Cuevas de Nerja/The Nerja Caves

The caves came as quite a surprise to me as I’d visited for a number of years before I even realised they existed. When I eventually went I was completely shocked at how vast and stunning they are. I recommend going early in the morning and this is probably the most touristy thing to do in Nerja so they do get pretty busy. The morning does prove to be quiet though and you can almost find yourself alone in the caves which is nice.

The caves stretch for around 5km which is unbelievable, but you can only visit a smaller portion due to safety and preservation. I believe the caves were discovered by a group of young boys who were playing many years ago! They have also discovered paintings and drawings on the cave walls which is really cool.

The caves are also used as a venue for music as the acoustics (as you can imagine), are amazing.


Burriana beach

Burriana beach is the main beach in the area and provides everything you need for a relaxing or adventurous beach day. There are dive centres and plenty of activities including vollyball for those who get bored easily, or there’s sun loungers and cocktails for those of us who like to relax and do nothing. There’s lots of cute shops along the beachfront too so when you need a break from the sun you can take a little stroll and pick up some souvenirs. 


Paella From Ayo’s

Hands down the best paella you will ever have. Fact. This paella is available either to sit down and eat if you want to be a little more formal during the day or if you’re heading down to the beach in the evening for dinner. Alternatively (and what I do most of the time), is grab a takeaway paella which is probably the biggest portion of paella you will ever eat, they are extremely generous with their portions and it’s so reasonably priced at around 5 euros!


Balcón de Europa

The Balcón de Europa is essentially a balcony in the town which looks out over the Mediterranean sea. There are stunning panoramic views across to the beach, along the coast and of course out to sea. There are bars and restaurants along the balcony and plenty of places to get ice cream and gelato. You will usually find buskers and artists here and plenty of cats! 


Trattoria Italia

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Nerja which is quite funny as it’s an Italian restaurant, but I promise it’s worth a visit! Even though it is Italian you can get tonnes of amazing dishes from lots of different cuisines, my favourite being fresh salmon and veggies. They have such a great menu and the presentation is really lovely. It’s the place where we go for a nicer dinner if we want to celebrate or get dressed up.




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