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If you haven’t been, you HAVE to visit Seville. It is by far the most beautiful city I have been to in Europe. To be honest it doesn’t even feel like Europe, it feels more like Morocco with the Arab influence in the architecture and design. There is no high-rise or run down ugly city buildings, everything is intricately built, well thought out and aesthetically pleasing.  






Seville Blogpost

My top 5 things to see in Seville

Catedral de Sevilla & Giralda  

Parque de María Luisa   

Plaza De Espana

Bull Ring

Metropol Parasol





The city is relatively small for a European city which means it is quick and easy to navigate and doesn’t take too long to get your bearings. The weather is also amazing, being so far south it means that most of the year you have better weather than other cities, and considering it’s only just over 2 hours flight from London – it is the PERFECT weekend getaway (although I would be so sad to leave after only one weekend)!

We spent the day wandering the streets, taking in the scenery, reading about the history, going on walking tours, eating tapas, drinking cocktails and eating all the gelato and sorbet we could find – basically, we were in heaven.

Seville has so much to offer in terms of history and culture, and everyone is so helpful and friendly. We found it really easy to talk to people as we stayed in a hostel and went on a couple of tours so met similar people and ended up spending the rest of our time in Seville with another female traveller which made the dynamic of the trip even better.





I would highly recommend every inch of this city, and would say if you have time, don’t skip on any of the tourist attractions as they are all completely worth your time. There was a part of me that really wanted to see the Bull Ring, and another part that really didn’t want to support the sport or be involved, however I am so glad we did visit as it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The bright yellow sand in the hot Seville sunshine was really like nothing I have ever seen. There was an overwhelming calm when in the ring that I hadn’t anticipated, and learning about the history of the sport and the ring was eye opening and fascinating.







As you know, I am a huge advocate for AirBnb – If I go ANYWHERE you can put your money on me chilling in an AirBnb,  however for Seville we made an exception and stayed in a hostel called Sammays. We stayed here purely as we were travelling to a few locations on this trip and wanted to save money on accommodation where we could and Sammays was recommended to us. The hostel was great as far as hostels go, and we went to a couple of other hostels with people we met, so in terms of privacy and facilities, our hostel was great, however if you are looking for a romantic weekend away, or are with a partner or family rather than friends, I would say to get an apartment or hotel. Hostels are great with mates and when travelling around multiple sites, but I would love to go back and stay somewhere where the architecture and richness of the culture is reflected in the living space.




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