Feeling Uninspired – 6 Ways To Get Out of a Funk

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Feeling uninspired can really get you down. Going through periods of feeling unmotivated and lacking enthusiasm for creative ventures is a vicious cycle, or at least it is for me!

Feeling uninspired makes me lazy and I can’t be bothered to write, take pictures, or do anything creative and this creeps into other areas of my life too. I stop working out, I don’t make the effort with outfits or anything really. This leads to me feeling even worse because I feel like I’m not doing anything and I’m stuck in this cycle until I break it.

Here are 6 things I do to get me out of a funk and back to feeling myself.

Clear your living and work space

Having a cluttered or messy space creates a negative mindset. The messier the area, the bigger the clean up appears to be and the more you want to ignore the problem. Tie your hair back and give yourself half an hour to tackle as much as you can and you’ll surprise yourself with how much you can do in that time. Usually I’m pretty much done within half an hour and if not, I’m usually feeling pretty accomplished with what I’ve already achieved so am keen to carry on. Once you have a clean house, you’ll feel instantly better.

Make a to do list

Nine times out of ten I feel unmotivated because I have too much to do and I don’t know where to begin. I start one task, move onto the next and can’t even remember what I started doing first. Making a list puts everything on paper and out of your head, helping to make everything far less daunting. Even if your list is as long as your arm, it’s better on paper than in your head and you can start to tick off tasks as you go which is so satisfying.  The more you do, the more motivation you’ll find and eventually you’ll have made a huge dent in your list and feel like a weight has been lifted.

Give yourself a pamper day

To be honest you probably don’t even need a day, you just need a couple of hours to jump-start a better mind set and change how you feel about yourself. I like to give myself a face mask, hair mask and do my nails. Having a bath is relaxing for your mind and body and when feeling uninspired this is just what the doctor ordered. Taking time to unwind and clear your head will ease any anxiety and create a positive mind-set for positivity and productivity.

Get into a routine

Most of the time I get into a funky place because I’m not following a routine. Getting up at the same time everyday and having a proper structure to your week is healthy and can improve your mood and mental health overall. The more productive you become, the more productive you’ll want to be, and it spirals from there.

I try to get up at the same time everyday (a reasonable time, not 1pm as this is more demotivating than getting the extra sleep and still feeling tired!), and make plans to get work done or to get out the house asap. A great way to do this if you’re working from home often or you don’t have to leave the house at all, is to book meetings, coffee dates, dentist appointments etc in the morning so you have something to aim for early on. Once you’re up and about, the rest of the day tends to follow on the same positive path.


When feeling uninspired, exercise is one of the first places to start. It’s sooo hard to get into, especially when you’re out of practice, but there’s nothing better to help improve mood, metabolism and mental clarity. Even just a walk around the park is enough to spark some positivity and what’s even better is that the more you do, the better you feel and the improvements you’ll notice are physical as well as emotional. This helps me as after a few sessions of working out or going to gym classes, I can see and feel a difference and quickly feel positive and worthwhile.

Simple yoga flows are a great place to start, especially if you’ve never worked out or aren’t particularly fit and active.


Get out and get social! Meeting up with friends and family, or even just having a date night with your partner is the perfect way to immerse yourself in other people’s problems and stop focusing on your own. It’s too easy for us to become engrossed in our own issues and feel down and out, however I’m a strong believer in that there’s always someone in a worse position, or who needs to vent more than me, so giving attention to others can really help. Like a mini therapy session, chatting with others and changing your scenery is going to help so much.

Let’s get out of a funk right now! Here’s some things you can do today to get back on track.


Put your face mask on and grab the marigolds. Set a timer on your phone and have a 30 min speed cleaning session and get as much done as possible. Doing this in the evening is great as waking up to a clean space will be far more motivating than leaving everything until the following day. Make a to-do list for tomorrow so you know how to prioritise your time and you can pace your tasks so as not to be too overwhelmed. Message a friend or family member to see if anyone is free so you can get out and get social.


Wake up and get up, do a simple yoga flow and get ready. Plan to meet some friends for coffee, or go for a walk and then get any work done that needs doing that day. Asses your to do list at the end of the day and write a new one for tomorrow, with the next days tasks and anything you didn’t get done today included. Aim for an early night, set your alarms for the following morning and try to keep on track to stay positive and pro-active.

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