Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate

Niod Lip Bio Concentrate

Bigger Lips Without Fillers? Can The Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate Be The Answer?


Ah aren’t Deciem just the dream brand?? I really do need to curb my obsession because it’s beyond out of control and is probably limiting my experience in using a variety of brands, but I just can’t help myself. Basically, if Deciem make anything, I’m already convinced I need it and it’ll work (I’m probably right to be fair)!

I mean, I guess it’s fair enough to feel really passionately about a brand when the proof is in the pudding and they actually deliver what they say they’re going to, not something a lot of brands can promise to be honest…

So. After trying every product in The Ordinary line (leaving out the crazy peels and products that I know just won’t work with my skin), I found myself wondering what I can do next. I’ve gotten to know my skin really well over the last few years using The Ordinary and other brands and I’ve learnt a lot about the  specifics of skincare and key ingredients. What I’ve realised is I have two issues that I want to focus on and step up my plan of attack skincare-wise, and these are eyes and lips. Pretty standard target areas for a woman I’d say and lips are definitely a very trend lead beauty concern at the moment.

Focusing on lips, the main reason I wanted to work on this area is because I used to be a smoker (and when I say used to be I mean, I will be stopping so so so soon and in the very near future I will be a non smoker.. awks), and I want to ensure that I don’t get any fine lines and wrinkles around my mouth. I also have a relatively thin top lip, which I have to be honest, never bothered me until every girl on the planet got fillers and have the most perfect cupid bows and puffy pouts. You can’t blame me for feeling left out, but I don’t want to venture down the filler route.

I know that no product will ever be able to mirror the results of surgery (and this is something every man and woman needs to understand. If you’re expecting extreme results from cosmetics you’re going to be disappointed. Each has it’s place in beauty but serve different purposes), but I didn’t want to sit around doing nothing and not helping myself, or potentially making the situation worse.

I’ve incorporated some Ordinary products into my regime (dah), to cover these problems on a more long-term and more skincare focused basis, but my research into Niod has lead to me to realise there are some POTENT formulations out there, and boy am I excited to try these.

I purchased the Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate after a small debate in my mind about the size of the product and the cost, and then took a reality check and remembered that before The Ordinary I would have spent far more on individual products so debating whether £38 was too much was just outrageous. This isn’t the case for everyone obviously, but if you have a genuine concern and the alternatives are expensive fillers and surgery – why are you even hesitating? You’ve got nothing to lose here apart from maybe a meal out.

Anyway, I went for it. I just want to clarify that my excitement for the Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate packaging was just ridiculous and I’m pretty sure no one else will be as ecstatic as I was, but the packaging is AMAZING. It has real Sunday Riley vibes, with a card box that you slide out and the product is awaiting it’s new home in a little protective bed. Maybe I’m just so used to basic packaging these days, but I was really impressed with this and being a sucker for marketing and branding, I love the use of symbols and logos rather than text copy for storage instructions etc.



The product lowdown… ‘Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate’


I want to just note that I’ve been using more specialist skincare for a few years now; serums, oils, high potency formulations and relatively strong chemicals on my skin, including my lips, so I do feel like I am prepped and ready for harshness on my skin, maybe more so than someone who keeps their skincare quite basic. The reason I say this is because most reviews I read stated a lot of redness and tingling, dryness and stinging when using this oil, but I am wondering if this is more to do with your skins tolerance and the products that you have been using leading up to this.

You use the oil 2 times a day for 30 days, reducing down to once a day or every few days after this. Hello, have you met me? Being impatient and unable to enforce portion control or restraint in any aspect of my life I was using this oil about 4 to 6 times a day. I just thought why use a different lip oil or balm when I want to use this? Meh, worked for me!

The dropper holds a lot of solution, so I recommend just letting the tip drip onto your finger as you really do need ONE drop or less for your lips. You need to avoid getting the oil outside of the lips and really try not to get it on your facial skin so one drop is PLENTY. I would say after the first 2 applications, I looked like I had been kissing my stubbly boyfriend with a lot of vigour for a few minutes, nothing major, but I did think hmm I look a little redder than normal. That being said, I asked said boyfriend and he didn’t notice anything so this could’ve been in my head and again, was barely noticeable. I experienced a small amount of tingling and redness around my lips the first couple of times, but this went away very quickly and now I use this oil all day everyday and it feels like nothing other than a normal lip oil.

The Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate did make my lips feel dry. At first, I didn’t experience any cracking or real dryness where I needed to address it, but over time I did notice dryness and even some cracking if I was applying a lot. I never have dry or cracked lips so this is something to consider if you do suffer with this.

Ok, ok, ok, what are the results? Well, I do genuinely think this oil does something for my lips. I’m battling with whether or not the results are in my head and are more to do with wishful thinking but no, I can FEEL a difference.

Overall I don’t think my lips have changed permanently, or in a way that anyone else would ever notice. If I haven’t used the oil then my lips look and feel the same, however they do seem to be in better condition which is clearly a plus. However, when I apply the oil, I feel like for at least an hour or so my lips look and feel more puffy, soft and voluptuous.

I team the Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate with a plumping gloss like Soap and Glory Sexy Motherpucker, or Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme to boost the sensation and visible effect, or I use it under my normal lipsticks to add a little something extra.

I love this product and will continue to use it for multiple reasons. 1. I believe in the power of long term use, and even if I haven’t noticed a huge difference now, I might in the future and I want to give the product time to work and my body a chance to respond, 2. my lips do look and feel healthier and in better condition when using it correctly (not a 6 times a day application), so the product is definitely doing something and 3. I want to ensure I’m using a regular product on my lips to at least combat signs of ageing and prevent further thinning or volume reduction so even as a preventative measure, this lip oil has a place in my beauty regime.

I think the Niod Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate it’s a great alternative to plumping glosses which have to be worn in the colours and finishes that those particular brands create (at least with this oil you can layer with any other lip product you want to wear), and a more affordable and safer alternative to fillers and cosmetic procedures. For the price point, the length of time a bottle will last, and the potential results (of course we are all different and you may find you have extreme results with this product), I would recommend it 100% and I would urge you to take this as a first step before more drastic solutions to attaining the perfect pout!






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