How to Get Super Plump Lips

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Everyone and their mother has had lip fillers these days. I feel like I see more filled lips than I do natural and despite not wanting to have fillers myself, I do want to have plump lips and feel confident using skincare and beauty products. 

I’ve got my lip routine down and I’m pretty happy with how full and plump my lips have been looking – without opting for surgical alternatives of course.


Here’s how to do it.

The first step is a simple one and it’s purely keeping your lips moisturised. When your lips are dry or chapped, they look thinner and products won’t apply as nicely, so I recommend keeping a lip balm by your bed and using it before bed and when you wake up everyday. This will help to keep your lips hydrated and maintain their natural fullness.

Once I am ready to start my day, I begin by scrubbing my lips with a scrub. I never really saw the benefit of using these, but recently I bought the pumpkin spice scrub from Lush and I haven’t looked back. I cannot tell you the difference this makes to my lips and not just the appearance, but texture too. 

Instantly my lips feel soft, fresh, moisturised and well – amazing! Scrubbing removes any dead skin cells so they look brighter and fresher, it also stimulates the blood flow so they appear redder and much more plump than before, so even just this step is enough to make a visible difference. 

The next step is a plumping oil. I use the Niod Lip Concentrate and as I’ve said in a previous post, some people find crazy results and have extreme reactions to this oil, I seem to be immune to most lip plumping oils and glosses but I do still enjoy the visible results I have with this oil even if I can’t feel it as much as most seem to report! 

After about 10 minutes I apply whatever lip colour I want to use that day and follow this with the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. Again, I don’t find I get any tingling, but I like the finish and feel slightly more plumped after using. 

This combination has been working extremely well for me. What I like is that it contributes to plump lips at every level; through initial skincare, a treatment oil and finally with cosmetics. Nothing dramatic here, and certainly not comparable to fillers – but I feel more confident and love the look.



Lush Pumpkin Spice Lip Scrub
L:A BRUKET No. 017 Lip Balm
Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Gloss
NIOD Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate



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