Home Improvements For a Fresh Start to The New Year

Home Improvements For a Fresh Start to The New Year

You all know by now how much I love homeware and home improvements. Give me any excuse to paint a wall, hang some wallpaper or switch up my decor and I’m there!

I always feel like the house is a little empty after taking down the Christmas decorations, and instantly feel motivated to change up my space.

There’s so many things I want to do around my home, and a different list for every budget too! I know I’m not the only one with the home decor itch this time of year, so I’ve striped my list back to a simply 5 ways to improve and change up your living space ranging from inexpensive, to those of us who feel like making a bigger investment for their humble abode!

Styling Your Shelves & Sideboards

A simple, but effective decor switch up. Taking everything off your shelves and rearranging them, or moving a few things around is enough to spruce up your space, but donating a few pieces and introducing a few new things can make all the difference.

Choose a colour palette and select a few pieces that fit to the theme. You could go for earthy tones, or you might be like me and want a nice pop of colour and even go for something bold like neon.

By doing this, you can spread the pieces around your living room, bedroom, or even across the whole house and keep the same theme and vibe easily throughout.

If you don’t want to spend any money, or you’re on a tight budget after Christmas, something as simple as arranging your books in colour order on the shelf can create an area of interest and make a usable space an interior design feature (I was far too excited after doing this with my books).


Give Your Ceilings a Lick of Paint

I love this technique for painting a room, and I find that it adds such a cool, but fun element of surprise to design. By having lighter walls and a pop of colour on the ceiling, you get all the drama without bringing it right down into the actual living space, which means that you don’t need to worry so much about furniture matching, or colour clashes. It also allows you to be really brave with darker tones, without creating a dark, or cold feeling in the room, as you keep the light, bright airy feel of the lighter wall colour.

I am desperate to do this in our bedroom, I just need to actually settle on a colour and stop changing my mind!


Statement Lighting

Lighting is often overlooked when looking to make interior changes. Sometimes there’s really no need to start painting walls or ordering a new sofa, a simple electrical switch up is enough to renew any room.

I’ve gone for a few strong lighting choices myself, including a feather light-shade in our lounge, and a steampunk industrial pendant light in our dining room. This completely changed the dining area, and helped to pull out the black tones and features, while contrasting perfectly with the brick wall.

Lighting is so much more than, well, lighting. The right fixture can be the centrepiece, and can even help to inspire the rest of the decoration and style of that room.


Lay New Floors

I can’t stress enough how new flooring can make a house feel completely different. When we removed the carpet in our lounge and laid wooden floors, it was quite literally unrecognisable. Not only did it change the room aesthetically, but it made the room feel bigger and more usable. It went from boring to modern, chic and somehow cosier. It gave me more freedom when it came to furniture, and you can add rugs to add more dimension, texture and colour.

If you don’t want to replace the flooring you have, you can invest in a new rug to change the colour, or brighten your current set up, or alternatively if you already have wood flooring, you could give it a wash of varnish or colour to change the tone.

Transform Your Space With a Lantern Roof

Finally, if you’re wanting to really pull out all the stops, I would love to invest in an aluminium lantern roof. I love aluminium windows in general, but a lantern roof is the ultimate in interior style.

I love allowing a lot of light in, and there’s nothing like a lantern window to do that (other than literally having no roof!). With more lighting, and a sleek finish, I guarantee you’ll be sitting under the lantern roof 24/7!