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Yes, it’s happening again, the dreaded L word that we’ve been expecting for a good while. I say that, but even though I was expecting another lockdown to happen, the news actually came as a bit of a shock to me. The news was announced at the weekend and I was due to go back to Surrey for a hospital appointment last Monday so I went into panic mode and spent Sunday preparing everything I needed to for advent so I could drop off everyones advent calendars and plan to see as many friends and family as possible around my appointment.

My plan was surprisingly successful and I was able to see my parents, go for a drink with a friend, go for dinner with my friend and her husband and go to our old local for the pub quiz! I was so happy that everything worked out well and I was not only able to hug and chat to my friends before another month (it had already been too long), but advent is one of my favourite things about Christmas so I was super happy to have that all sorted.

Last lockdown was such a confusing time as no-one knew what to expect or what lockdown actually meant and even though it was coming for a couple of weeks, I didn’t know what to, or how to prepare. This time around I wanted to make the best of this time rather than feeling anxious, overwhelmed, confused and at a loss as to how best to use my time.

There are a few things around the house that need sorting and the main thing that needs to be dealt with is one of the bedrooms as it needs painting and decorating. With lockdown looming, we spent Tuesday catching up with work and also assessing what we need to do and what to prepare to paint and decorate and on Wednesday went and did a small food shop and grabbed all the paint supplies and other bits and pieces. I had chosen a beautiful muted orange from Farrow and Ball, but because we weren’t able to have the choice we normally would at such short notice, I decided to go for an off white as this was the best of what we could find and would fit the space best.

I’ve put together a food plan and have focused my mind on nurturing a better and more healthy (mental health-wise) routine and schedule. So far so good and I already feel better about lockdown because of the cosy winter weather and not having the fear of the unknown. I also like that (even though it may still be extended), there’s an end in sight and we can all collectively count down the days to a little bit of freedom.

I also made a list of all the things that I want to have purge of, including specific cupboards and drawers and I want to go through all my makeup and cosmetics and have a good clear out which always puts me in a better headspace and is a great thing to get done before Christmas to make space for new things and also reminds you of what you need and to give you present ideas.

I’ve purchased all my charity Christmas cards to write over lockdown as I love watching a Christmas movie and writing my cards early on so I actually remember to send them and give them to everyone with enough time to enjoy them before Christmas is suddenly over! I also stocked up on lots of yummy treats because chocolate and indulgent food can cure anything am I right?

Literally everything has been cancelled so far for us this year so I refused to go through the same disappointment this lockdown and I’m almost excited to go through lockdown take two and make the most of it. The list of cancellations include Toby’s birthday and his birthday trip, my birthday and our trip to New York, our city breaks, staycations, Nitro Circus, concerts, friend trips, festivals and so on… (It’s the same for us all I know). However lockdown round two won’t be getting in the way of Christmas which is why I want to be prepared. I just love Christmas so much and even though I know my annual festive party won’t be happening due to keeping numbers under 6, I’m still planning a gal pal festive day and evening (as we always do, but this year will probably be much more modest) and a similar small gathering with family.

Our plans on Christmas day will be relatively unaffected as long as we are allowed to travel and see some family so I’m really happy about that. Unfortunately I won’t be seeing extended family including my grandparents which is really sad as it’s probably going to end up being over a year since I last saw them and that’s so strange. The good thing is that we’re all healthy and that’s the main thing this year, even though it’s been tough and has had a lot of challenges, health really is the only thing that counts.

I’d love to know what you guys are doing differently this lockdown and what your plans are to fill the next month and pass the time. I hope everyone is safe and well and doing ok and if you’re not, remember to reach out when you need to.




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