How To Make Your House A Home In Four Steps

How to make a house a home

Making your house a home can be as simple as these four steps…


When you own your own home you pretty much need a bottomless pit of money to just pour all over it and even then you will probably still be short.

I lived in my previous flat for three years and spent thousands of pounds on decorating, buying furniture and interior design pieces and was always desperate to change things up and introduce more into my home. If you’re into interiors like I am, your work is never done like most creative endeavours!

Since moving into my new home, I’ve tried to scale back spending on short term solutions and have tried to find things that are more long-term and beneficial changes (painting, built in cupboards etc), and then smaller changes that are cheap and easy but impactful on the space.

I wanted to round up a few key tips to help you create a space you love to live in without having to spend endless amounts of money you just don’t have.



This is probably the most obvious as plants can add so much to a home. I’m an extreme plant lover, and if I could I’d create an indoor jungle in my house.

Having lots of plants and flowers around your home can help to fill empty spaces without having to invest in furniture or other expensive purchases. I tend to buy larger plants such as monsterra or fiddle leaf fig’s to take up a lot of floor space and add height in unused corners and areas so the space feels more homey and cosy.

Plants are great for adding colour and texture too and are good for your health so provide a lot more than aesthetics.

If you’re worrying about ugly marks on the wall, pipes, or piles of cables (especially if you are renting and are limited in the changes you can make in your home), standing a nice big plant in front of these areas is a great way to mask unattractive features and add a pretty focal point in the room.

What’s great is that there’s endless species of plants that thrive in the home and so many different plant pots, baskets and stands so you can find the perfect plant partner to match your vibe and fit your decor.


Stromanthe Bush Plant
Peony Artificial Aloe Plant in Marble Pot
Peony Hellebores & Greenery
Single Succulent



Again, a pretty obvious go to, but I think artwork is underrated sometimes. You don’t need to be spending hundreds of pounds on key pieces and investing for life when there’s so many great places to get prints and artwork within a small budget.

Obviously Desenio is the go-to for many people. They offer a huge range of prints and sizes and often have discount codes and offers. There’s also lots of stores online and on the high street that offer great art at great prices and I love to find small artists in the local area too as you can support someone who may be making a small living from their work.

Having a few prints on your wall can transform the room instantly and can completely change the mood and atmosphere. You’d be surprised at how much of an impact a few pictures can have on your home if you’re looking to make some changes.


Frida Kahlo Portrait Framed Print,
Le Mans 1959 Car Race Framed Print & Mount
Intuition Framed Print & Mount
New York Framed Print


Soft Furnishings

In the same vein as artwork on the walls, soft furnishings can make a huge change to the look and feel of your entire home too. This is probably where you can save the most money, as even shops like Primark offer great soft furnishings for as little as £4.

Blankets are my favourite way to do this and I change my blankets seasonally to help create a cosy Christmassy vibe, or a cool summer feel in my living room. Curtains are a nice way to incorporate colours and textures without having to break the bank and whether you have curtains or blinds can help transform your space from rustic and homey to industrial and cool depending on your own style.

A few new pillows on the sofa, or even just new bedding will give your home a face-lift and can be changed seasonally if you get bored easily and like a change.


House by John Lewis Tiger Cushion
John Lewis No.198 Cushion
Wisley Cushion
Camel Cushion


Incorporate Your Hobbies

I love to incorporate my hobbies into my decor as this is a great way to save money (you have all the gear already), and it creates a unique personal style.

For me, I have a lot of old cameras and accessories which I love, so rather than packing it away in storage I like to have it out on shelves or in metal storage boxes under my coffee or side tables so that it mixes in with my interior design. You can use books or vinyl as art so that your belongings serve a style purpose while not being used. This can even be done if your hobbies are fashion and beauty.

Why not try a cute wooden or metal clothes rail and showcase your favourite pieces? This is practical for storage and makes a great feature in your room, or if you have a collection of beauty products with packaging that you love, you can showcase these on a tray or shelf. Making use of the things you have already invested in is a great way to create design features that are not only amazing to look at, but that incorporate and embrace your personality in your home.


Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne
House by John Lewis Slimline Clothes Rail
Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum


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