Getting Summer Ready

Getting Summer Ready Blog Post

This is the time of year where (in the UK at least), the weather starts having random flares of extreme heat, where you go from full on winter coat to tiny sundress and sandals in the space of 12 hours, with little to no time to prepare! 

I mean, I really should  be prepared because I have lived in England my entire life, so this dramatic catapult into summer is something that I should be well rehearsed in. Anyway, the time has come, to shed the layers and enjoy the sunshine, so let’s get to it!



The first thing I like to ensure is that my skin is in the best condition possible. Generally I’m really good with skincare and I do exfoliate and moisturise year round everyday, so my skin is never really too dry, however if you don’t, this is something to introduce now! 

I recommend getting a sponge with an exfoliating texture on one side as these work so well at scrubbing away dead skin, encouraging blood to the skin’s surface and creating a smooth soft feeling. You can also choose how much exfoliation you want to do, some days I use the soft side on my body and use the exfoliating side on my elbows and knees, or I use the exfoliating side all over you can just see how you feel depending on how dry your skin is.

After showering I use a body cream to moisturise and keep my skin healthy. I always use different body butters and creams, but during the summer I like the Malibu Tan Extender Lotion as it helps your skin’s natural melanin process, helping you tan more deeply and keep your tan longer and I am alllll about maintaining than tan! Plus it is quite lightweight which is much better for when the weather is hot and humid and it smells like cucumber – fresh and summery! 



I pretty much have the same approach with my hair as I do with my body. Get everything healthy and super moisturised! If you’re thinking of going shorter or getting your ends off, I suggest doing it now as having less hair in the heat is always a win and by having the dead ends snipped off you’ll find your hair looks and feels so much healthier. 

If you aren’t planning on having a trim try a hair mask to repair any damage and add some much needed moisture to hair that has suffered the frizz inducing winter and spring rain and wind. The hair masks I love for summer are the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and the extreme version which is really intense and great for taking on holiday. The Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Range is also great for a really nourishing shampoo, conditioner and treatment.

It might also be a time to go a little lighter in colour too! Hair naturally lightens in the sun (my hair lightens sooo much), so to prevent uneven lightening I have a few highlights or a balayage which also helps make your whole vibe a little more summery and bright – just don’t forget your hair masks to repair afterwards.



If you’ve had gels for a long time, it might be worth giving them a little break at the start of summer so that your nails can recover and being in the sun can help them even more. I know it is hard to go polish free when you’re likely to be wearing bright colours and going to festivals and on holiday, but even just a week or two will help a lot. Using the Ciate treatment is great too.

I always use this after polish or gel and it makes your nails look so much better while also treating them. Whether you gel, polish or go bare on your nails, adding moisture here is also recommended as just like your skin and hair, your nails and cuticles can become dry over winter and spring. I use coconut oil and massage this into my nails and hands and this helps my nails to look and feel super healthy all the time. 



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