It’s Been a While.

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I’ve tried to write this post 100 times and however I write it it’s not quite how I want it, so I think I’ll just go with the flow and accept this isn’t going to be interesting content by any stretch of the imagination! 

I also feel really awkward talking about it because I used to post on social media regularly and it’s now been so long I feel really nervous about it. 

Obviously this isn’t the first time in two years that I’ve worked on a website, a blog or on Instagram, so in a way it doesn’t feel like I ever stopped, but in terms of posting on my own platform it’s been a good while. 

Over the last two years I’ve continued to create content and recover what I can from my previous website (not very much unfortunately), in order to keep momentum and give my brain something to focus on as I need an outlet for my mental health. 

I don’t really want to address the last two years but I think a nutshell explanation will do!

Fashion Blog

Two years ago my blog was hacked by a troll who was going out of their way to ruin every single thing that they could which was exhausting and pathetic to be honest.

All of my content was deleted and I was unable to access my login details etc and I was blackmailed to retrieve what I had lost. Interacting with this person was worse to me than losing everything I worked for and even though I stand by my decision and the advice of the police, I’m really sad that that was a choice I even had to make. At this time it was coming up to Christmas 2018 and I had 24 posts created for a ‘blogmas’ lead up to Christmas which were still uploading automatically with errors because of the hacking and being unable to access my blog which was really devastating to see and another blow as Christmas content is my absolute favourite! 

Anyway, lots of drama later and a lot of meetings with the police, I was advised to stay off social media for a year or so so that this person had no ammunition to attack me further and no information on my personal life that could put me in danger, so I did as I was told even though it was killing me to stay away. Over the last year I started posting on stories occasionally but that’s all until now. 

Over this whole two year period I’ve really missed sharing the posts on my blog and posting and interacting on Instagram, but lockdown especially has been a tough time because I haven’t had my usual outlet for creativity and escapism. Throughout this time I’ve created a few pieces of content because I needed to get back into the flow again.

I’ve managed to recover some content from 2016, 2017 and 2018 but the content is limited, particularly in the fashion category, so it seems really empty to me and there’s nothing from before that and most of my favourite and most detailed posts are gone forever! 

There are far worse things happening in the world at the moment and this is not something to complain about, but I can’t tell you the amount of time I’d dedicated to my blog and the posts that were live, from setting up the affiliates, going on shoots for photos, researching content ideas, writing and all the other bits in between – blogging is not easy and everything I had to show for myself is just a distant memory now and as much as I knew this, I never really realised how easily your entire life and your entire business can be deleted when it’s online. It’s definitely made me protect my online business better and to only share more private information with those who can be trusted. 

Fashion Blog

Onwards and upwards!

So here we are, Autumn 2020 and I’m essentially starting from scratch. I’ve lost a huge amount of social media following and all the hours and hard work and over the last couple of years I’ve been to absolute hell and back. As always, I’m grateful for life experiences and truly believe that with every positive and negative experience you learn and grow and these lessons are what makes us who we are. Seeing as 2020 is a write off anyway, let’s just start over with everything! 

I’m so happy to finally be back and here’s to moving forward and making the most of what’s left of 2020!

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