Monday Morning Motivation

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Make Monday mornings a little easier to face!


Even just saying Monday morning brings a cloud of dread. I love that Friday feeling when the weekend is about to begin and Monday morning feels far away in the distance and I hate that feeling on a Sunday evening, knowing that as soon as you go to bed BOOM, it’s here again.

Monday morning really doesn’t have to be something you fear and they’re a few simple things you can do to make the start of the week easy and painless (or at least slightly less painful)?!


Get organised the night before

I am the queen of prepping the night before. It’s almost embarrassing when people witness what I do before going to bed on a Sunday night, but it’s so much easier to prep on a Sunday evening than trying to get everything together in a panicked rush on Monday morning.

I make sure that everything I need is in one place. My shoes, bag and coat will be ready and waiting, along with any snacks or things I may need that day depending on what I’m doing. I even go as far as filling up the kettle with water, getting a mug and bowl out and prepping my breakfast so that in the morning all I need to do is boil the kettle, pour and I’m done! It may seem a little OTT, but when you’re tired and tight for time, little things like this make everything so much easier. You can even make breakfast the night before to take with you on the go. I love to make overnight oats in a jar which I can just grab and eat on my way or when I get wherever I am going. If there’s anything else that you can lay out, prepare or get ready for the morning, why not do it? I guarantee that you will be really grateful that you did.


Choose your outfit the night before

If anything is going to make me late, this is it. I faff about so much in the morning being unsure about what the weather is going to be like, will I be comfortable in this outfit, or should I go for something else? The night before having to get up early, I check the weather and make a sensible choice that I actually like. The worst thing you can do is lay something risky out and then change your mind when you’re already ten minutes late. Using a clothes rail is a great way to plan your outfits as you can see everything and can group outfits together. You can even plan for the week ahead which saves even more time during the week.


Have a restful Sunday evening

I know this doesn’t actually apply to a Monday morning, but I promise you’ll have a better Monday for a relaxed Sunday. Starting the week sleep deprived and tired is just going to make everything 10 times harder than it needs to be. Light some candles, have a bath, cosy up, and allow yourself some rest and recuperation ahead of a busy week. Pillow spray is amazing for drifting off on a Sunday evening and I swear by This Works!


Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the day

Whether your idea of a treat is going to the gym, or having something yummy for dinner, allow yourself a little treat at the end of the day to give yourself something to aim for. Most Monday’s I go to the local pub quiz and this is a great way to keep me focused throughout the day. Even if I get overloaded with work, or lose focus and drive, I know that there is a definitive end in sight and a treat at the end of the tunnel!



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