5 Things To Do When Feeling Stressed or Anxious

5 Things To Do When Feeling Stressed or Anxious

Our mental health is something that we all need to look after, even if you feel your mental health is in great shape, it still needs tending to, to keep it that way.

Here are five things I like to do when I feel stressed, anxious, or just like I need five minutes to distract my mind!



Getting on a yoga mat is one of the best things you can do for stress and anxiety. Just five minutes lying in savasana, or in your favourite yoga pose is enough to reset your body, slow your heart rate down and relax your mind. Get a mat for when you’re at home and try a few poses, or join an online yoga class.

Sounds & Visuals

There’s so many great playlists on YouTube for calming, but my favourites are listening to Tibetan Singing Bowls and nature sounds. The sound is so intense you can’t help but listen, and I find it completely takes me out of my own head. These are my favourite videos for when I want to de-stress; Meditation Shapes, Sunlight Through Water.


Playing games is a great way to give your mind a break, and for me, games are one of the few things that really hold my attention and I forget everything I was worried about! I get really hooked when it comes to games, and there are a few that I play between meetings and when I’m waiting for appointments or phone calls to take my mind off getting stressed or anxious! A couple of my go-to games are from Plays, my favourite being ‘Connect the Dots‘. It’s really simple but a lot of fun and whenever I play Toby wants to have a go to see if he can connect the dots within the time too! I also like word games like ‘Daily Word Search‘ and ‘Colour Maze‘.


My friend got me a colouring book a few years ago and I never thought much of it, but one weekend I was feeling a lot of anxiety and gave it a go. I was so surprised at how effective it was at distracting my mind and calming me down. I was completely sucked into what I was doing and I didn’t want to stop. Grab yourself a colouring book and some pens and the next time you feel like you need a distraction I guarantee it will help!

Take a Walk

Getting outside is good for so many reasons. You take yourself completely out of the situation if your anxiety is situational, you get to move your body which helps you to feel better, and you get some fresh air. Taking a quick walk just around the block, to a local park or in nature if you can, will help so much!