At Home Valentines Day Date

At Home Valentines Day Date

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and there’s the cliche gifts, cards and chocolates piled on the shelves in the shops. You might be making plans to have a date night with your partner, a friend or even with yourself, but whatever your relationship status – it’s an excuse for a little indulgence and some self care!

I always do something for Valentines, whether that be sitting in bed watching comedy, eating Mcdonalds with my housemate, going out for dinner with my bestie, having a solo pamper night, or having a romantic getaway with my boyfriend. I know, I know, there’s no need to buy into the hype, but hang on, why not? Who doesn’t love an excuse to do something different? And with the last 2 years under our belt, we could all do with embracing the little things!

You may be staying in a lovely hotel, going out for drinks or dinner, or hitting the clubs looking for love, or a night out with the girls, me however – I will be staying in!

Yes the C word has led to planning a quiet one at home for many of us, but being at home certainly doesn’t have to be boring!



Here are 4 date night ideas for you, your partner or your girlfriends to try if you’re planning on staying in this Valentines Day.



Online Yoga Class

This one’s for those in need of a little self care. Yoga is obviously amazing for the mind, body and spirit, but it can actually also be an amazing experience to have with a friend or your partner.

Attending an online yoga class will enable you to let down your walls and be completely relaxed, deeping your relationships and having a lot of fun at the same time!

Light some candles, put on your comfy clothes and when you’re done have some herbal teas and healthy snacks and enjoy connecting on a deeper level.



At Home Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is so much fun! Of course if you can book an online class, which would be so much fun and means you can meet other people and have an expert leading the way, or alternatively you can wing it for yourself!

Buy a few bottles of wine, or better yet, lots of miniature bottles (the point is tasting as many as possible right?), and do some research yourself. You can prepare if before, or just go with the flow on the night. Better yet, choose 4 wines each and teach each other!

If wine isn’t your go-to tipple, you can do this with any drinks – with alcohol free versions too! Whiskey tasting is a great choice as there’s so much to learn about Whiskey, but you could also do gin, tequila or rums too.



Cocktail Making

As we’re talking about spirits, you could do a cocktail making class, or again – make it up as you go. You could make each other your favourite cocktail, choose a few to test and rate them, or make something unique completely from scratch.

Don’t forget Clean Co, Seedlip, Caleno and zero alcohol Gordons and Tanqueray for an alcohol free version. Mocktails are super yummy, and can even be healthy so drink up!



Takeaway & A Movie

The classic Netflix & chill is still a complete winner for any occasion. I love nothing more than putting on my comfies, lighting candles, putting on the fairy lights, ordering a takeaway and binging Netflix.

It’s the ultimate in relaxation and total wind down after a busy day or week, and a fab date night idea, especially if you live together but don’t actually get to spend a lot of time together. You can chill on your own, with your mates or with your partner and I guarantee you’ll have the best Valentine’s Day yet! And with the C word so prevalent you won’t have any fomo not going out!