Plant Based Protein From BOXD

Plant Based Protein From BOXD

I’ve used protein shakes for probably about 12 years or so. I started using shakes pretty much as soon as I joined the gym and started working out about 6 days a week. During uni I spent a LOT of time at the gym – yes avoiding essays was one of my biggest motivations haha! But I started supplementing with whey, mainly because there weren’t really any vegan options at the time.

Whey worked for me for a little while, but milk is an intolerance for me, so I don’t have milk at all anymore, so vegan protein is my only choice, but if you’re also vegan or plant based, you will know the difficulty in finding a good vegan protein powder.

A lot of the powders on the market are over-sweetened, really dry and powdery or just taste vile! It’s been a journey for sure trying to find a good protein supplement that can not only tolerate, but that I actually love!

The reason I like to use protein shakes is because when I work out I’m looking to tone up and build muscle, so supplementing my protein intake is pretty essential to this process, but I also like to ensure I’m getting enough protein as making more plant based options (without soy for me), is actually quite hard.



To be honest I’ve found a few sources of protein that really work for me, and one of the best shakes I have found are from BOXD.

The brand itself is female focused, and is specifically aimed at the modern woman. In a world where women are doing it all, working out, running companies, being mothers (or even all of the above, the time we have to focus on our health can be in short supply and it really helps to have a nutrition packed shake that gives you a boost when you need it most and more specifically when we don’t have time!

BOXD shakes are packed with a unique multi-nutrient blend, plant based protein, high quality ingredients, and are packaged with convenience and the planet in mind in biodegradable pocket sized sachets, meaning you can take them anywhere without any of the hassle or mess.

BOXDs commitment to the planet means being as conscious as possible and all of the packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.



The thing that stood out to me the most when I was chatting with Jamal, one of the co-founders of BOXD, is that both founders are male, yet the brand is specifically aimed at women, which is a novel approach to say the least!

The pair note that the industry has been male focuses for a long time and that women’s health is just as important.

“We noticed that this kind of nutrition has been too male for too long. So we’re changing that with shakes made to improve women’s health. Packed full of protein, with vitamins & minerals like Iron, B12, Vitamin D and many more so you can finally start feeling better!

We’ve centred our shakes around women, with 16 vitamins and minerals essential to your health like Iron, B12, and Vitamin C. Perfect for menopause. We use real ingredients and flavourings like raw cacao and premium protein sources to ensure that this will be the best protein shake you’ve tasted.”

The two have a unique way of approaching health, and have noticed a gap in the market that many men may have overlooked. The fundamental question is are the shakes good and after trying the chocolate brownie flavour for myself, I can safely say the protein is amazing.





When chatting with Jamal, he explained to me the process that lead to the creation of the brand.


“BOXD was set up by myself and a childhood friend in response to the lack of trustworthiness prevalent in supplement brands.

My co-founders background is in Sports Science and he spent 5 years as a Health Advisor at BUPA. The idea for BOXD arose after he spent years working with women daily and realised 2 things: many women were turned off the idea of protein powders, and many were many suffering from a range of nutritional deficiencies. It was the intention to mitigate these which led to our brand and house blend, which includes 16 vitamins and minerals close to their RDAs in each 30g serving.

We interviewed over 100 women to better understand our target customer with the goal to learn. Through these conversations more themes became apparent: shakes aimed at women seemed to focus on ‘diets’ and ‘meal replacements’ and marketing was focused on aesthetics and ‘summer bodies’. Our eyes were opened to the dark realities of how this was affecting people, from yo-yo dieting, to body shame and eating disorders, we realised how widespread these feelings were amongst women, along with it’s negative effects on mental and physical health.

This experience led us to want to create a brand that was the complete antithesis to what we’d heard. It began our anti-diet culture mission, a focus on being open and honest around the ingredients in our products, and committed to building a company representative of all women, regardless of shape, size or ethnicity.”





I like to use protein powders for more than just shakes, and mix them into oats for breakfast, with vegan gelatine to make panna cotta style desserts, added to cakes and pancake mixtures for a chocolatey surprise, and with warm almond milk for a protein packed hot chocolate.

If you’re looking to gain muscle or tone up, you just want to supplement your already balanced lifestyle, or you want to work towards a more healthier version of yourself, BOXD makes this really simple.

Have a look at the website and see which flavours and choices work for you, and whether you’re plant based or prefer whey, there are both options for every type of lifestyle.