The Foreo Luna Mini Play

Foreo Luna

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a Foreo for a while so when I invested in a Foreo Luna Play – I was more than excited to try it. 

I have a Clarisonic that I’ve had for yearsssss and after so much negativity surrounding how harsh this is for your skin, I’ve wanted to try something a little more gentle (I do still use my Clarisonic btw – just not too regularly). 

The Foreo Mini Luna Play is TINY. It’s so much smaller and cuter than I was expecting, which is great, especially when you travel a lot. I was excited and skeptical about the Foreo all at the same time. The device has one button and vibrates, but nothing moves so I wondered how much this would shake up my routine and whether or not it would even make a difference.

I took my make-up off as normal and applied my face wash to the Foreo. I used the device to clean my skin instead of my hands. Simple.

The first thing I realised was that I was used to using a Clarisonic which gives you vibrating pulses to remind you to move to a different area of the face, and without this I felt a bit lost as to how much time I was meant to be using the Foreo on each area. After moving the Luna Play around my face for a few seconds I noticed that it really was so much gentler than the Clarisonic and that’s probably why there is no timer – you can pretty much use it as much as you want, wherever you want (not sure if this is the case with the full size Foreo but this is really safe to use on sensitive skin so there isn’t really a risk of irritating your skin too much).

I loved the sensation and how easy it was to use as the size meant I could get into the areas around my nose, all over my face and down past my jawline super easily. Even better – it probably took me less than a second to clean. Just rinse under water! With no attachments to take apart or bristles to dry, it’s simply a case of rinsing under water and patting with my towel. SO easy. 

I was happy with the Foreo and enjoyed the experience and there was a part of me that thought my skin looked a little brighter than normal which could be due to the vibrations helping blood flow, but it was when I touched my skin that I could really tell the difference. After just one use my skin felt so soft. I even made my boyfriend feel how soft my skin was because I couldn’t quite believe it. 


I am absolutely going to be including this in my daily skincare for the following reasons:


  • It is tiny – making it convenient to store and take with me travelling
  • The device is clean and hygienic due to the material and design – perfect for using on the skin on your face
  • It is so easy to use – you just press a button and go
  • It is easy to clean – just rinse
  • My skin felt incredibly soft after use and I could notice in difference in brightness 

I highly recommend trying the Foreo – especially the Foreo Luna Mini Play as it’s not too pricey, but well worth the investment.

You can also use the Foreo to help massage your serums and oils into your skin which I am looking forward to trying – I will keep you posted!


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