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Flight Time From London: 1hr 15mins

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit is probably September time when the weather is still pretty reliable. When I went in January, there was the deepest snow I have ever seen which meant that the experience was quite different to visiting in the warmer months, but to be honest this really made the trip and as long as you are prepared for colder weather, visiting at any time of the year would work!

A fan of chocolate and beer? You have come to the right place! With stunning architecture, interesting history, lots of places for sightseeing and plenty of bars and cafes for re-fuelling, Brussels is the perfect destination for a long weekend break.







My top 3 places to visit in Brussels

Grand Place

Botanical Gardens

The Comic Book Museum





Grand Place

This is the most memorable landmark in Brussels and somewhere you just have to go! The architecture is amazing, and there are lots of places to grab a coffee or a beer of course! As you can imagine this place is pretty popular and there is likely to be hundreds of tourists, but if you can get there early or later on in the afternoon, the crowds aren’t too bad and you can stroll around comfortably.


Botanical Gardens

You know me, I love a botanical garden haha! The botanical gardens here are filled with interesting sculptures and historical plants and trees. The most interesting thing about La Botanique is that it’s a music venue as well as a home to plants, making this venue really worth visiting. When we went there we were mostly trying to get out of the snowstorm that was happening outside, but I am so glad we did, and there was a photo booth in the venue which we enjoyed a little too much!


Comic Book Museum

What a cool place for absolutely everyone. If you have kids and are travelling as a family, this place is ideal, but seriously for everyone of all ages this place is so much fun. Being in Belgium, Tin Tin features very prominently here, but there is so much to explore and learn and some really cool artwork and sculptures.





If you get the time I would also highly recommend the Musical Instruments Museum. We had such a great time here and a lot of the museum is interactive, making it a really fun and silly experience. The building itself is really cool with a central lift down the middle and views over the city. When I was in Brussels we had a lot of heavy snow and a lot of places were either closed or hidden under almost a foot of snow so I would love to go back in the summer when I can experience a bit more of what Brussels has to offer.

Brussels is a great location for a weekend away, especially with friends as the culture is definitely centred around sightseeing and beer – the perfect pairing for a city break with mates!







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