The Oxo Tower London

The Oxo Tower London

The OXO Tower is probably my most favourite places to go for cocktails or dinner in London. Situated on the South Bank, it’s in a prime location for a great view of the city and the River Thames.

People seem to think that this is a strange place to love so much, but most people who seem surprised are those who are yet to go! The main reason for the confusion tends to be around the fact that in comparison to the buildings which surround it, the OXO Tower is relatively small, but that’s what I love the most. 

Unlike other amazing places in London which offer epic views and vast backdrops of London and the surrounding area, the OXO Tower gives you a different perspective which feels a lot more encompassing. Being so close to the Thames makes it feel like a step back from the hustle and bustle of central London, and has a greater senses of tranquility, yet is still a stones throw away from everything London has to offer.







The bar and restaurant area has glass windows which give you panoramic views, however there’s also an outdoor balcony area which is my favourite place to relax with friends and amazing cocktails. On warm summer days this can be extremely busy and may take a while to get a table, that being said, I’ve never had to wait too long for a table, even when it’s heaving so it’s worth the wait in my opinion. 

The views over the river and of St Paul’s are beautiful and I find being lower down as opposed to being in a skyscraper looking directly down over everything. You can see the river and during the day you can enjoy the sun and in the evening you can take in the city lights. 

My favourite drinks are the rum cocktails and for an alcohol free version they have a great hibiscus mocktail which I usually get and add a shot of gin. 





The OXO Tower offers afternoon tea, lunch, dinner and cocktails and you can even hire the venue for events which is such a great idea for a special occasion. It does tend to get pretty busy so for a meal I would book ahead, but for drinks you do tend to be able to get a seat outside or at the bar even when it’s super busy. I actually really don’t mind when it’s busy as it adds to the atmosphere and the cocktails are so strong and delicious you’ll be too happy to even notice!

The ground floor of the OXO Tower is home to design studios and shops and upstairs is the restaurant and bar area. The streets around the tower are very aesthetically pleasing consisting of bare brick and industrial style so even if you just want to take a stroll along the South Bank, I highly recommend coming here.



If you are planning to visit London and want to venture down to The OXO Tower, why not take part in a guided walk and make the most of sightseeing on your way over?

London Guided Walks are committed to delivering guided walks, private tours and treasure hunts using factual historic stories in an engaging manner. They believe that each tour guide should research and deliver their own tour. This means you’ll get a unique perspective on London’s history on a subject they are passionate about, something you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

They offer a Southbank photo walk, which can help you to take amazing photos using your smartphone while seeing the sights, and also a Southwark walk, which ends at the Millenium Bridge, leaving you with a short, and very ‘London’ stroll over to the Oxo Tower – perfect if it’s your first time in London!



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