The Face Halo

Face Halo

Whatever Face Halos are made of it’s pure magic, I’m sure of it. 

I almost feel like it defies science – a small pad that literally clings to and removes every trace of makeup on your skin simply by making it wet?! Yes, just a Face Halo and water and even stubborn waterproof mascara is washed away. 



So I picked up a Face Halo in Boots a few months ago purely out of curiosity having heard a couple of people mention them, but nothing major and certainly not getting the praise they absolutely deserve. Anyway, I popped it in my basket not really giving it a second thought until I went to take my makeup off that night and pretty much spent the evening running up to the mirror checking my face, then re-cleansing to be SURE that my make up was actually off because I swear removing make up has NEVER been so easy. 

I spend a fortune as well as a lot of time using cleansing balms, oils, micellar waters and god knows what else and now I feel like a total fool! The Face Halo just needs to be wet and you rub it over your face like you would a face wipe if it was 2005 and you’re good to go. And I’m not talking good to go onto the next cleanse, I mean good to GO. Obviously I’m not an animal and I will always do a second cleanse (jokes, I’ve been listening to Caroline Hirons for far too long), but my second cleanse is essentially to deeply cleanse my skin, not for any makeup removing purposes. 



I rinse mine under the tap after, sometimes with some antibacterial soap and rub away at the pad to wash away any makeup, meaning I can use it multiple times between washes. I do have a few of these now, but I reuse them a lot and trust me, they don’t lose their effectiveness and still work just as good as the first cleanse for a very long time. It’s not recommended that you clean your Face Halo with fabric softener, but this is a general rule for facial towels anyway so I wash my Face Halo and flannels together without fabric softener and I’m good to go. 

To say I recommend this product is an absolute understatement. It’s about £7 from Boots so it’s not only easily available but affordable. It’s travel friendly because you don’t need to pack liquids and oils in your travel bag and waste space in your liquid bag going through an airport or arrive on your holiday to find it’s leaked in your bag. 

Go and buy one now. The end. 


Face HaloFace Halo


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