Is Olaplex Worth The Money?

Is Olaplex Worth The Money?

I’ve been using Olaplex for around 6 years now after looking for an alternative to the 2 step salon only treatment I had been getting for years. This is one of the only hair products I’ve using consistently to be honest, as I’ve been through a lot of different methods of haircare over the years and luckily, Olaplex has fitted into every one of these.

As you may know I tried the curly girl method for years, trialling different levels from not shampooing at all, to just choosing curly girl approved ingredients. I’m now going to say that I’m officially not following this method anymore, despite taking some of the key takeaways (microfibre towel, using silk pillow), however the things I’m continuing were things I was doing long before starting the curly girl method anyway.

I always purchase Olaplex from Amazon, mainly because it’s so quick and easy to get a hold of and because it’s always pretty well priced on Amazon compared to other places. If I’m doing an order on Look Fantastic or Cult Beauty I might add it to my basket, especially if I have a good discount code at the time, but 9 times out of 10 it’s Amazon for me.



The bottle itself is quite small and even though my hair is fine, I have a lot of it and it’s pretty curly so a bottle doesn’t last very long. I would say on average I can get 3 treatments from a bottle, 2 full root to end treatments and 3 to 4 if I’m just focusing the product on the mid lengths and ends.

I don’t think this is too be to be honest in terms of what the product can do, however I do find myself trying not to use it to ensure I always have a treatment left for when my hair really needs it. It would be better for me if the bottle was bigger, but for girls with less hair, straight hair or shorter hair, you’ll probably be able to get up to 6 treatments out of this.

The key to getting the most for your money is to leave the product on for as long as possible. I tend to tie my hair up in a high pony, wet and towel dry the length and then coat my hair in Olaplex. I then cover this with a microfibre towel or shower cap and leave it on for most of the day, or at least 2-3 hours. I can definitely notice the difference the longer I leave it and I don’t want to be using a product like this is I’m tight for time and it’s only going to sit on my hair for 20 minutes or so.

When I’m in the shower I shampoo and condition as normal, but you can tell even from the first shampoo that the ends and lengths are already feeling soft, smooth and conditioned. After using this treatment, my hair is softer, smoother, more hydrated and styles so much better. I find that my curls are softer and less rigid, that my hair dries more nicely and it’s just generally more invigorated and full of life! There’s nothing worse than dull, dry and lifeless hair and this is exactly what Olaplex combats for me.

I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone, whether you use heat, your hair is damaged, or you’re lucky enough to already have perfect locks and just want to treat yourself every now and then. It’s a great conditioning treatment and is affordable and accessible so you can’t go wrong! I’ve used a lot of hair products over the years… a lot! And I will always go back to Olaplex and I can’t see this changing anytime soon. So in a nutshell, yes! Olaplex is absolutely worth the money!

Now I’m no longer following the curly girl method, I plan to try to the other Olaplex products, specifically the shampoo and conditioners which are numbers 4 & 5 in the range which I’ve actually never tried before at all. I’m having a hair struggles at the moment trying to find the perfect products for my hair type and the results I’m looking to achieve so I’m certain I’ll be posting more haircare very soon to keep you updated and informed on what works and doesn’t work.


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