Four Beauty Essentials To Transition From Day To Night

Day To Night Makeup

Looking for an easy way to create a dramatic evening look?


As I’ve gotten older, my evening looks have really changed. Gone are the days of short dresses and the highest heels I could find, here are the days of leather skirts, slogan tees and boots. I prefer to keep my look somewhat dressy but mostly casual and I love finding outfits that I can easily transition from day to night. Knowing how to adapt your day look into night is ideal as most nights out for me tend to be pretty spontaneous with minimal time to prepare!

To move swiftly from day to night I simply add a few products to my make up routine


Dark Lip

The quickest way to go from day to night is by applying a dark lip. Having a dark red or purple pout transforms my face and instantly makes the rest of my make up look heavier and edgy.

I love using glosses at the moment as you can achieve a dark look without having dryness and cracking into the evening. These are my favourites at the moment.

Black Liner

I line my top lash line with a black gel liner and a thin brush to apply. I find that this creates a softer look and is easier to apply than liquid liner (ok fine, screw the softer look it’s the fact that even after about 15 years I suck at applying liquid liner and I need all the help and lenience I can get)!

There’s a lot of wiggle room here and if you mess up a liquid line it’s painfully obvious, whereas gel blends out so far more easily. This make quick application easy with the option of smoking it out which is impossible with liquid liner.


Bold Highlight

Highlight is a must if you’re looking to enhance a day look into the night. I use a small amount across the top of my cheeks, the tip of my nose and under my brows to add a little more glam to my everyday look. I find that using a highlight under my brows and on the tip of my nose makes the rest of my make up really pop as it makes my eye make up and lipstick stand out against the shimmer.


Evening Fragrance

YSL Black Opium is my go-to for evening. To be honest this scent creeps into my day on the regular now, but if I’m going out I will 100% be dousing myself in this beautiful, deep, rich scent. It’s the perfect scent for the evening and creates a sexy, feminine vibe. I keep a mini in my bag, or decant my full size bottle into atomisers so I’m never caught off guard.




Black Opium
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Micro Liner
Lancome L’Absolu Lipstick
Fenty Beauty Diamond Highlight



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