Three Facial Mists You Should Be Using

Three Facial Mists You Should Be Using

Hydrating mists are a key part of any skincare routine and no matter your age, skin type or skin concern, you should be misting after cleansing – no excuses!

Why do we mist? Well, cleaning can strip the skin of moisture, leaving the skin uncomfortable and dry. Misting after cleansing helps to put some moisture back into the skin, can help brighten and refresh the skin and create a smooth even layer ready for the rest of your skincare.

I absolutely love to mist my face, and I have a couple of facial mists that I swear by time and time again.

Here are my three favourite facial mists that I highly recommend you try!


Oooh this mist! I really can’t tell you just how much I love it. I stumbled across it by accident in Boots a few months ago. It was on offer so I just picked it up because I was running low on my other mist. When I used it I fell in love straight away. It’s so incredibly hydrating – more so than any other mist I’ve ever used because it contains hyaluronic acid.

This mist not only helps moisturise the skin, it also protects against damage from blue light and other pollutants in the air, which is hugely important to me. Since speaking with a specialist who educated me on the importance of protecting our skin and eyes from blue light, this has become really important to me, and knowing my facial mist has that added layer of protecting ticks so many boxes for me.

If you’re looking to try something new, or you haven’t invested in a facial mist just yet, I would suggest you add this to your basket immediately! You won’t be sorry I promise you! Also I love the pink packaging and it looks great on my skincare shelf!

Pixi Vitamin WakeUp Mist

I’ve been using this facial mist for years now, and it’s a solid favourite. The scent is incredible and I look forward to this step in my skincare for the scent alone! It’s moisturising and super refreshing and makes my skin literally glow after using it.

I personally use this both morning and night, but if you’re looking for a mist to use in the morning, or to refresh your skin throughout the day then this is the one for you!

Mario Badescu

An absolute oldie but a goodie! Everyone remembers the oldschool days of blogging and YouTube when Mario Badescu facial sprays were all the rage and everyone and their mother were snapping up bottles of the stuff!

I was one of those people and to this day I still am! I’ve had a few bottles in my time and I still recommend it to friends and family now. My mum recently bought a bottle after I bought her Caroline Hirons AKA the Queen of skin’s book and she absolutely loves it.

During the summer I keep a bottle in the fridge for a super cooling treat and sometimes I even use it on my arms and legs for cooling too! The mist is moisturising and helps to soothe the skin, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin or skin concerns.