Products To Help Reduce Plastic

How To Reduce Plastic

6 ways to help you reduce plastic usage

The environment is in the forefront of everyones mind at the moment and most of us are trying to do our bit where we can. There’s a few simple changes we can all make to help a little and work together towards becoming environmentally friendly.


Carry a re-usable bag with you

There’s so many reusable and eco friendly bags available pretty much everywhere now which is great if you’re trying to reduce your plastic. They’re convenient to carry with you as most fold into tiny pockets or can even be used as a trend piece themselves! I love these net bags from Turtle Bags and have a few which I happily carry around as my handbag over the summer months.

During winter, I keep one in my bag and can carry a seriously good amount of food shopping as they stretch and fit so much inside them.



Carry a re-usable coffee cup

I’m happy to see so many coffee chains now encouraging the use of reusable cups and giving rewards and discounts for those who use them. There’s also quite a few places near me that have biodegradable takeaway cups and straws too. I’m hoping to see chains like Starbucks introduce recyclable cups in the near future as this is contributing hugely to waste problems and such large corporations are responsible for so much of this.

Try keeping a reusable cup in your car or at your desk when popping out at lunchtime, or see if you can find a local chain which offers more sustainable alternatives.



Carry re-usable bottle

Plastic bottles are such a problem and fortunately some brands are using clever techniques to work around the packaging problems such as CanO Water, providing (literally what is says on the tin), water in a can! These cans are a really cool idea and a great alternative if you are trying to reduce plastic consumption.

Carrying a re-useable bottle is great as it protects the environment and also means you are likely to be able to get your water for free as you can fill up with tap water when you pop somewhere for a coffee! You can also monitor how much you are drinking throughout the day if you’re having to keep topping it up.



Recycle where you can

I used to just throw everything into one bin and not really think about what I was throwing away or how it was going to be managed, but now I look carefully at the packaging of snacks and products and make sure to recycle where I can. This is great for your own awareness too as I had no idea how much is still not recyclable and what products I should avoid re-purchasing.



Bring your own metal or bamboo straws

The banning of plastic straws is such a great movement and most places have now moved to paper or bamboo straws. I think this is a great alternative and plastic straws were just really unnecessary. I like to carry my own paper, bamboo or metal straws just in case I go somewhere that either doesn’t have any straws or that is still offering plastic.



Use wooden cutlery rather than plastic

I love wooden cutlery! It’s stronger and more useable than plastic, and again, is great for recycling and the environment. They’re easy to come by and some retailers now offer these as an alternative to plastic themselves anyway. I try to carry cutlery around with me for if I get food on the go, or am having a picnic or going to a festival in the summer.



There’s plenty of things we can all do to help and even though the environment is a huge problem that not one single person can fix, if we all do what we can on a small scale, this will impact on a much larger scale as a whole.


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