My Current Ear Stack & Everyday Jewellery Favs

My Current Ear Stack & Everyday Jewellery Favs

If you know me you know I love to layer up my jewellery, and wear all my favourite pieces everyday. Hands full of rings, a staple necklace and a stunning ear stack is what I live for.

I’m not they type of girl who has tonnes of jewellery to choose from, instead I like to make careful choices and re-wear my core collection over and over. This is the best thing about being in love with all the pieces you own, you never get tired of wearing them!

My current everyday ring stacks include a few Pandora pieces, along with a beautiful ring I found in Edinburgh. I like to spread my rings across my fingers starting from my index finger on my right hand, and typically wear only one ring on my left.



My favourite necklaces to wear are really simple, but effective nonetheless. My favourite is a gorgeous necklace which was a gift and includes my birth date and time, sun sign and moon sign. I love the way it combines everything into a coin style pendant and also has a little charm to add detail and texture.

I pair this with a simple chain from Monica Vinader. This chain is very similar to my zodiac necklace so works really well as a stacking piece to go alongside it.


When it comes to my ears, I love to have fun. I’ve changed my ear stacks over the last ten years or so, and have finally settled on a style and combination that I can say is a firm favourite.

I wear plain studs in my mid piercings, to add a cute feminine simplicity to my stack, and to create a more spaced out look across my ear. For my daith and forward helix, I wear the jewellery it was pierced with, as I actually really like the jewellery and wanted to ensure that the piercings had the best jewellery in to prevent irritation and mainly to prevent the jewellery from falling out.

My upper cartilage on my right ear is a stunning hoop from Astryd and Miyu, which is also where my moon hoops are from which sit on my lower lobes.



The two main pieces are from Daisy London. The stunning fan hoops are probably one of my favourite jewellery pieces of all time. I love the art deco vibe these earrings have and they are such a timeless and classic piece to me. Speaking of classic and timeless, these beautiful hoops are the epitome of just that. Every girl has a pair of hoops and I defy you to find a better hoop than these. Daisy have an amazing collection of earrings perfect for creating a staple ear stack.

Simple, with just the right amount of interest, these hoops are every girls dream pair, and I absolutely love the texture, vibe and size variation these give my ear stack.



The main thing I like about my current jewellery set up is that it’s suitable to wear on the beach, around the house, out for dinner or to a wedding. It suits dressing up and dressing down and is completely versatile. This makes getting ready a breeze for me, and I don’t have to deliberate everyday about which pieces work well together or what to choose as I can strip it down, or load it up and everything matches and adds something to the dynamic.

Creating a core jewellery look is something I massively recommend to avoid having a mini meltdown when you need to get out the door, and to ensure that you’re comfortable wearing the pieces you have and most importantly, to feel yourself and portray your personality and style through your jewellery pieces.