Brunch & Beaches In Brighton

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City: Brighton

Country: UK

Drive Time From London: 2hrs

Best Time to Visit: The summertime is the best in terms of weather, but Brighton does get really busy over the holidays. I would suggest April to May time if you are looking for slightly better weather, but no crowds!





My top 3 things to do in Brighton

Brighton Palace Pier

The Lanes

Brighton Beach.



Brighton Palace Pier

You can’t go to Brighton and not see the pier, surely? Even if arcades aren’t your thing, there is something for everyone here, and just walking up the pier and around the arcades is enough to conjure up nostalgia and excitement.




The Lanes

The Lanes are iconic in Brighton and once you have been you will understand why. There is nothing better than navigating the cute little streets and finding independent brands and vintage clothing stores. I love buying prints in The Lanes and little souvenirs.




Brighton Beach

I think the beach is one of my favourite places in Brighton because it is such a novelty to me! Splitting my time between Surrey and Bristol means that chilling on a beach isn’t a regular occurrence for me, so any opportunity to breathe in salty air and listen to the waves I’m there.

The beach is stoney but at least it saves on sand getting absolutely everywhere! During the summer months the beach gets VERY busy, but if you visit during the week or during less sunny seasons, you can sometimes find yourself on the beach alone. I find that April/May time can be really warm, and wherever I am coming from, Brighton always seems to have better weather!




I love eating and drinking in Brighton and there are plenty of places to go whether you are looking to have a relaxed brunch or classy cocktails. I’ve been to the Breakfast Club a number of times because it’s so central to everything going on, making it the perfect pit stop for brunch. I also love the various coffee shops and cafes Brighton has to offer like Trading Post and Small Batch Coffee co.

The last time I was down in Brighton I visited the British Airways i360 which I’d wanted to do for a while. I have to say it was pretty cool and the views are the best in Brighton. Luckily we were out of season and despite the weather being beautiful, it was pretty cold so there wasn’t many tourists around and we bought our tickets and jumped straight on, but I imagine at peak times and in the summer months this is a completely different story! I’d recommend booking your tickets in advance or avoiding during the summer holidays otherwise you will spend more time queuing than actually on the i360!

I really do love Brighton. When I’m in Surrey it’s such an easy journey and within an hour or so you can be sitting on the beach with fish and chips listening to the crashing waves. Unfortunately it’s a longer drive living in Bristol, but it just means that I stay a little longer when I do visit. If you haven’t been and you live in the UK, Brighton needs to be at the top of your list, especially during the summer months.


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