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On Trend Headbands

Headbands are my all time favourite hair accessory. You can’t really go wrong with a headband; whatever your style or hair type – a headband will be your best friend! You can get so many different styles too, from something light and bright to deep dark thick fabrics.

I typically wear headbands throughout summer to keep my curls out of my face, but I’ve been loving wearing them throughout winter too. Especially now there’s a huge selection of velvet and chunkier headbands available on the high street. Adding a headband can finish a look by either keeping it super simple or by adding colour and quirkiness.

Over the last few months the headband does seem to have been on steroids, with some that wouldn’t look out of place on Ann Boleyn (a bit far for me I think), however I appreciate how the trend has grown and I have invested in a couple of slightly larger headbands to carry me through to the summer months (nothing too big though)!

For me personally, I like to go for something a little more basic and simple, which goes with everything. I love earthy tones in the summer such as brown and khaki and then something deep in the winter like black, burgundy and green. If you’re feeling brave you can go for something pretty out there. If I go to a festival over summer I tend to go for something colourful and tropical as you can pretty much get away with anything at a festival.

Topshop always have a great selection of accessories and they’re always ahead of the trends when it comes to accessories like this and ASOS also have a lot to offer from a range of different brands.

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ASOS DESIGN headband in straw weave
ASOS DESIGN plaited headband in black plisse
My Accessories London Exclusive headband in black plisse
My Accessories London Exclusive plisse knotted headband in sage green
Oversized Knot Headband
Ruched Thin Headband
Twisted Check Headband
Ruched Alice Headband



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