Parisian Style

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Parisians have the best style. Effortless, chic and always on trend. I love to wear Parisian inspired outfits and am always inspired by Parisian style on Instagram and Pinterest.



Here are a few tips when dressing like a Parisian;

Wear simple clothes

The key here is to not over complicate outfits by putting lots of things together, or adding a lot of accessories. Simplicity is key.

Monochrome colours

Monochrome colours offer a great base for any outfit, but especially when wanting to go for something chic and always stylish. It’s hard to get it wrong with monochrome and the added bonus is everything in your monochrome wardrobe will work together. Adding a pop of colour or a pattern will be elevated by the monochrome foundation.

Be put together but apparently effortless

This is essentially tip one where less is more, along with pairing dressier pieces with casuals. Think a more dressy dress paired with trainers, or leather heels with a t-shirt dress. The point is to appear casual and thrown together but everything has been carefully chosen to work well together.

To make any outfit instantly Parisian add a beret

Adding a beret (as cliche as it might sound), gives an instant Parisian feel to your look and helps you to channel your inner Parisian too!


Nasty Gal Trench
Nasty Gal Beret
Topshop Skirt
New Look Body
New Look Hat
Nasty Gal Dress
Topshop Shirt
Nasty Gal Tshirt




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