Why I Love Audible

Why I Love Audible

I love Audible. I absolutely cannot live without it and pretty much have my headphones in all day everyday listening to my new favourite book.

I’ve had Audible for years and have gone through phases of being obsessed with listening to books and then a few months where I forget the app exists, but for at least the last 2 years I’ve been completely addicted. I’m always self educating and learning so most of my time is listening to audio books that are educational, self-improvement and written by entrepreneurs or inspiring business people, however I’ve become more and more partial to fictional stories and easy reads.

Of course, you can’t beat picking up a book and sitting on the sofa or lying on a beach engrossed in the story, however the reality is I just don’t have the time in my normal routine. I try as much as I can to read before bed, but most of my day is spent running around doing errands or sitting at my desk doing work. Listening to Audible means that I can indulge in all the books on my list without having to find the time when I’m not doing anything else which just never seems to happen. I get to listen, learn and enjoy while doing the cooking, cleaning and of course, working.

I’ve been absolutely speeding through books lately and have finished pretty much a book a day over the last week or so because I’ve been spending so much time at my desk (a true sign of needing to step away from my iMac). I get so attached to characters and storylines that I’m super sad when a book ends and I’m no longer involved in the story. I think listening on Audible makes that even worse because the accents and personality of the narrator adds another dimension to the characters and the emotion of the story and you have a whole new level of investment.

Audile costs £7.99 a month and you get a credit each month to spend on a book of your choice. You can buy the books for their value, or purchase more tokens if you want more than one book a month, which I always do. I like to buy tokens as you can usually get deals on bundles and this is always far cheaper than buying the books themselves. For example a book that costs £24.99 will still be 1 token which is effectively only costing you £7.99 or less. It also means that you can have all your books with you all the time and you can have them on multiple devices.

I would highly recommend trying Audible if you haven’t already, especially during lockdown when you might have a bit more time. It’s also a great gift idea for lifting someones spirits at the moment or for Christmas. You can buy someone a monthly subscription or up to a whole year which is only £69.99.

I thought I would let you know my favourite books that I’ve been listening to recently.