Where You’ll Find Me Eating & Drinking This Summer

Where You’ll Find Me Eating & Drinking This Summer

Eating is literally my favourite thing to do. I shape my day around the meals and snacks I eat and get genuinely excited when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Toby and I are also suckers for a takeaway so I’ve got to know the food in Bristol pretty well over the last three years.

I have my favourites when it comes to eating out, and a LOT of favourites when it comes to takeaway too!

With everything opening back up and this spring and summer looking to be the most normal we’ve had in a couple of years, I can’t wait to get booking some yummy meals and enjoy one of my favourite things about this city again!

Another thing we are also planning on doing this year is looking at venue hire for some big birthdays that are coming up next year. We’re hoping to discover some new places, so if you know of anywhere in Bristol that is a great spot for a large party then please do let me know!


I love Wagamama for a quick and easy meal. You can grab a takeaway and enjoy in your pjs at home, or go with a group of friends for a fun and easy meal for everyone.

You can adapt elements of the menu, and Ramen and Itame are my all time favs.

Loch Fyne

Loch Fyne is one of our favourite places to eat and has been for years. Loche Fyne in Edinburgh is my all time favorite. The interior is spacious, but cosy and the location is perfect. You’re right on the water, you can walk up to the lighthouse, and the view is incredible.

I love fish, so the menu is great for me, and there is no fresher fish than here!

YO! Sushi

I eat sushi probably on a weekly basis. I LOVE sushi. I’ve tried a lot of different sushi in my time, but YO! is a great option if you’re out and about, or if you’re visiting somewhere like Bristol and you just want to grab a quick bite, or if you’re taking food home.

For Toby, most of his take-aways or meals out are a bit naughty and indulgent, but when it’s sushi it’s light, tasty and super healthy so I feel like I have an excuse to pile the sushi high!

If you’re eating in it’s a lot of fun as the dishes come around to your table on a conveyor belt and are delivered right to your table! If you like sushi then you need to try YO!


Purezza is a great place for a sourdough pizza and great vegan options. I had raw pasta at Purezza and it was amazing. There’s not many places you can find great, independant style pizza from a chain, but Purezza definitely delivers here. The Purezza in Bristol is on Gloucester Road, so you can enjoy your meal and then visit a few bars on your way into the city – perfect!

The Ivy

The Ivy is one of my favourite places to eat and drink in Bristol. It offers great service, amazing architecture and decor, with fantastic food at a really reasonable price.

I’ve paid a lot more for other meals around Bristol, which have not been anywhere near as good in terms of the food and overall experience as I’ve had at The Ivy.

It’s in the centre of Clifton, so the whole experience is lovely – you can sightsee at the Clifton Suspension Bridge, stroll around the cute little shops and immerse yourself in a completely different part of Bristol.

The Ivy are great at changing the ingredients for allergies, which is one of the main things I look for in a restaurant, and they create something that’s just as magical as the dishes on their menu.

I highly recommend going to The Ivy for a special occasion, with a large group, or even just for a quick cocktail for a boojie vibe – it’s my fav!



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