What To Add To Your Christmas List

Christmas List

As we get closer to Christmas the requests start coming in for ‘what do you want for Christmas’ and if you’re like me, you find yourself racking your brains for anything you may want or need. I can reel off a list of things I want to spend my money on at any point during the year, but when it comes to actually letting people know what you want, my mind goes blank and suddenly there is nothing.

With this in mind, I’ve tried to plan ahead this year and created a notes file on my phone so that every time I see the perfect gift for someone I note it down. I also note down things I wouldn’t buy myself but that would make great gifts or things to ask for, this way when the questions start rolling in I have a complied list with lots of ideas, meaning I get things that are useful and the person buying doesn’t have to browse the shops aimlessly, worrying about what to get.

I guess it could sound a little selfish but it actually just makes everyones life easier and means your money is spent where it will be enjoyed, which after this year is essential for everyone! I love to be given a list or ideas of things to buy friends and family as I stress and worry so much leading to Christmas about whether or not they will like the gifts I’ve purchased or if I’m wasting my time and money and giving them something else to pile on a shelf or stick in the back of a cupboard.

Even if you haven’t been making a list throughout the year, there’s still time! Grab your phone and open notes or find a notepad and think about anything that you need to buy for yourself or things that you need that you have been avoiding because you don’t want to spend your money on it for yourself. If nothing comes to mind, wander around your house and look around at things you need to replace, or things that are missing. A candle would look great on your coffee table, a new vase would be ideal, some new art for that frame would be a great gift… it’s actually pretty easy.


Here are the things on my Christmas list this year to give you some inspiration.


Sprocket and Instax Paper

This sounds so boring but that’s exactly why I would rather this as a gift haha! I never want to part with my cash to buy paper for my Sprocket or Instax camera as I go through it so quickly, but It’s something that I always want and need, especially around Christmas time – perfect!



You can never have too many candles and I certainly don’t wait for Christmas and for someone else to buy them for me, but it’s a great gift when they do! I love gifting candles and love to splurge a little more than someone would on themselves, that’s the beauty of gift giving after all! It’s nice to have someone choose a candle for you as it’s likely to be different to what you would choose for yourself and opens you up to new scents and brands.


Over Ear Headphones

These have been on my list to buy for the best part of the year now. I need over ear headphones more than I need anything right now so these are top of the list for sure! I have a lot of piercings and my on ear headphones actually cause a lot of pain and after a couple of hours of wear, my ears are in agony! I end up having to take them off and giving my ears a break which is really annoying when you work from home and need to have some background noise to get you in the zone. If I find the perfect pair I will definitely write a post as headphones are an essential if you work from home, commute or just consume a lot of content like me! And finding a pair that can be worn with half a tonne of metal through your ears without causing pain is just as essential!

Astryd and Miyu Earrings

Hmm, it’s only now occurred to me that this is counter intuitive to the point above, but I love investing in good quality jewellery and believe in buying better and less, than spending a fortune on cheaper materials and ending up with irritating or damaged pieces very quickly. Astryd and Miyu have been one of my favourite brands for years now and most of my earrings are from this brand, however there are a couple of pieces that I don’t have and that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Who doesn’t love getting jewellery for Christmas?!? I love buying jewellery for the women in my family as it makes you feel so special and it’s another one of those things you aren’t likely to spend a lot on when it’s on yourself.


Hand Cream

Clarins hand cream is something my mum always buys for Christmas and/or birthdays and I really look forward to it every year. Again, it’s one of those things I just never think to buy for myself. I always have hand cream but I never give it much thought, I just pick it up from Oliver Bonas, Boots or Lush. A nice hand cream is a fun and not an overly expensive gift to give but a lovely gift to receive.


Astryd and Miyu
Astryd and Miyu
Clarins Handcream
Instax Paper
Sprocket Paper