Unusual Gift Wrapping Ideas

Unusual Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrapping is not everyone’s favourite part of Christmas for sure, but for me (who is yet to find any part of Christmas that I don’t like), it’s top of my list!

I like to dedicate a good amount of time to wrapping – usually a few hours across a couple of days throughout December (or even November depending on how organised I am)! I put on a Christmas movie or a festive series, pour a glass of red wine, make a tea or festive coffee depending on the time of day and get going!

I have a few tips for dressing your gifts to make them that little bit more special and I will be doing these things myself this Christmas too!

Add a cute photo as a gift tag

I have an Instax camera and also a sprocket so I like to choose a cute photo of me and the person who I’m gifting to and if I don’t have it on a polaroid print, I print it from my phone using my sprocket.

This is such a cute little touch and is not only a great way to do something different, but a lovely keepsake for the recipient!


Personalised Wrapping Paper

I’ve not gotten personalised wrapping paper in the past, but this year I’m going to try it! I love the idea of wrapping up presents with the person’s face on so you know which presents are yours, and I think it would be a really funny experience for everyone. You can always use someone’s pet’s face too for all those crazy cat ladies and dog lovers out there! A great time to do this would be for a secret Santa present as it’s so much fun digging through old photos and sharing the memories with your friends and family.


Fabric Gift Wrap

I love fabric gift wrap and it’s amazing for so many reasons. The main benefit obviously is that it’s completely re-usable, so rather than binning lots of wrapping paper, you have something that can be reused, regifted or repurposed.

You can choose styles and patterns to match the person’s personality, or seasonal colours to match the tree and other decorations.

There’s also lots of different ways to tie the fabric to make cute packages and some places that will even do this for you. Lush have fabric that they can wrap your gifts in and the best thing about Lush wrapping is that it smells like Lush and who doesn’t want that?!


Dried Flowers & Fruit

Incorporating dried flowers or dried berries and oranges on the gift tag or present string is such a lovely idea and not only looks amazing but smells super festive too!

These little decorations add such a cute touch and are a great idea if you’re wrapping your gifts in brown paper as it adds a touch of colour and texture.

If you tie the flowers or dried fruit together, this can then be used as a little decoration or placed around the house after too, so you get an extra present out of the wrapping!