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City: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Flight Time From London: 2hrs

Best Time to Visit: May to June or September to October (avoiding summer holidays and super hot weather)!





Barcelona is probably one city that everyone wants to go to. I hear so many people talking about wanting to visit Barcelona and there’s no surprise that it’s so well loved and is pretty much offers everything you could possibly need in both a beach and city trip.

The city is buzzing and busy which I love, with an overwhelming amount of incredible and unusual architecture and design. There’s plenty of Gaudi architecture and lots of Gothic themes through the streets and in the squares, and of course in places like Park Güell. Barcelona is teeming with markets, shops, cafes, bars, tapas and lots of attractions and incredible places to discover. 

I have to say it’s pretty great to be able to have a day sightseeing and throwing yourself into city life, then throw on your bikini and chill with a cocktail on the beach the next day. If you and your partner can’t agree on what kind of holiday you want to go on, or your with a group of mates who are all into different style trips, Barcelona is going to be able to give you everything you need in one destination.





My top 3 places to visit in Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia

La Rambla

La Boqueria



Sagrada Família

The Basilica of Barcelona, built by Gaudi starting in 1882 and still unfinished. It’s now estimated that the Sagrada Família will be completed in 2026 so we are definitely on the home stretch after almost 150 years of work. The outside is typically gothic, which is true of a lot of Gaudi’s work and architectural style.  

The structural design in terms of shape in side is intended to represent a Latin cross. You can see Gaudi’s unique design in the columns which stretch up to the ceiling, which mirror the effect of looking up to the canopies of trees in a forest and is calm, tranquil, bright and beautiful.



Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is the central street running through Barcelona. The road itself is pedestrianised and offers a huge selection of bars, cafes and shops, with squares just off the street with fountains, entertainment and beautiful architecture. You can also find La Boqueria Food Market here too.




La Boqueria

La Boqueria is the most amazing food market with an incredibly long history. There is evidence that dates la Boqueria as far back as 1217 where tables were assembled to sell various meats.

You can find fresh juices, fruit, veg, meats and street food, along with freshly made ice lolly’s which are perfect for cooling down in the Spanish sun. The colours, smells, sounds and experience is one of a kind and is an absolute must if you are visiting Barcelona. 



If you’re looking for something slightly different to do in Barcelona, you can get a cable car from down by the harbour, up to the Mirimar Hotel Terrace Bar which offers great views of the city in a chilled environment – with cocktails of course. This was a really fun as you can experience taking the cable car over the city and then can continue sightseeing after a quick mid-morning cocktail!

If you’re into sports, there is Camp Nou Stadium and also the Grand Prix which is held just outside of the city. When I was in Barcelona, we went to the Spanish Grand Prix which was obviously incredible. If you’re in Barcelona for a few days and you’re able to plan your trip when the Grand Prix is on, definitely go. You can get a coach from the city centre which takes you to the race track and back again – it’s so easy.







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