Three Personalised Gift Ideas

Three Personalised Gift Ideas

I love buying gifts – it’s quite literally one of my favourite things to do.

I spend days trawling the internet and shopping in the city, making endless lists on my phone, and thinking of all the presents that will make the recipient feel really special.

It’s not about the actual gift necessarily, it’s about the feeling of being thought about and considered that I try to emulate with the presents I buy, and what’s more thoughtful, personal or special than something personalised?

I do have to say not all personalised gifts are my cup of tea, but when it comes to jewellery – I am very much SOLD.

So if you’re scrolling through your phone thinking of gift ideas and you don’t know where to start, here are 3 ideas for personalised jewellery items for birthdays, Christmas, or you know – just because!

The Special Piece

If you really feel like treating yourself, or there’s a special birthday coming up and you want to gift something they are going to love forever, a solid silver bangle is a great way to go. They are versatile, easy to wear and offer a great base for a personalised message.

This is the Anna bangle, which is a round 925 silver bangle hallmarked in the UK. The chunky bangle has a rectangular cross section which gives it clean, sharp edges, creating a very modern vibe.

The bangle comes in different sizes, which is great considering I have tiny wrists and most of the time find that bangles just fall off my hands which is absolutely not what you want – I feel like when plastic bangles were ‘the height’ of teenage fashion (haha), there would be a constant clang of girls bangles falling off their wrists.

Moving onto jewellery that we don’t want falling off our wrists! The Anna bangle is the best for engraving which I think is the ultimate in gifting and adding a personal touch.

All of these bangles are hand made in the UK by a silversmith and are also assayed in the UK. They are personalised using a CAD engraving machine that engraves up to 65 characters on the inside or outside of the bangle. The machine is accurate to 1000th of a millimetre, and this is why the bangles aren’t cheap, but they are probably the best quality UK made bangles.

You could match with your bestie, write a personal message to a partner, or write your favourite motivational quote and gift it to yourself – why not?

The ‘Name’ Necklace

Everyone needs to have their Carrie moment, and I personally think this is a great gift for your girlfriends, sister or mum. It’s simple, classic and is perfect for stacking with other necklaces, or as a piece on it’s own.

A Personalised Jewellery Box

Well if you’ve gifted some lovely jewellery, or you’ve treated yourself, why not keep your pieces safe in a cute little case personalised for you or a loved one? I love the idea of a small travel case so I can keep my jewellery safe when going on holiday or travelling around.

Let me know what you like to gift others and what you buy when you treat yourself, over on my Instagram!