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Seriously, there really is no place like Rome. I’m a history junkie, and I LOVE everything about Roman history in particular – the forums, the Colosseum, the gladiators, the architecture of the city – you literally feel like you are stepping back in time.

I honestly felt like I was living in a dream when I was in Rome. Every street was beautiful, every Piazza was special, the food was amazing, the atmosphere was happy and positive and I just absolutely loved it. As with most cities, you could travel for a weekend and see the main sights, but I would 100% suggest staying for a week or so as there is just so much to do and see, and plenty of other cities a short train ride away if you do want to take a break from the city.

I’m not going to write a huge post about the history of Rome and give you all the details of the buildings and landmarks as I’m sure you are either familiar, or will do your research before you go, however I wanted to share some of the snaps from my trip and let you know that it was magical and that you should add Rome to your bucket list.

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My top 5 places to see in Rome

The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine

Roman Forum

Vatican City

The Pantheon

Trevi Fountain

Centro Storico & the Spanish Steps



Even when the weather was dull, the rain was pouring and the skies were dark, I was still so incredibly happy to be here. I was actually really lucky to experience rain and shine in Italy and having uncertain weather didn’t effect the trip at all. The food was incredible, there was lots to do and see and you can walk pretty much anywhere in the city as the journeys are so breathtaking you don’t even realise when you’ve been walking for an hour. If you want a city break, or a weekend getaway – Rome is the perfect choice.



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