The Environmentally Friendly Coffee Capsule You Need To Switch To

The Environmentally Friendly Coffee Capsule You Need To Switch To

It’s not everyday you find a brand that truly aligns with your core beliefs and that works hard to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. When I find companies like this I like to scream from the rooftops and tell everyone, because I strongly believe that as a consumer, we need the brands we’re buying from to be taking accountability and providing us with sustainable solutions to incorporate into our everyday lives.



I don’t know about you, but everyone I know, including myself, uses a coffee machine with coffee pods. When you see the amount of waste these coffee machines create it’s quite shocking, and even with our best efforts to recycle and do our bit, I recently learned that it’s actually only a very small portion of these plastic capsules that gets recycled anyway with only 20% being recycled and the other 80% given a one way ticket to landfill. This is not what I was expecting to hear!

Luckily for us, Halo has recognised this gigantic problem and have taken on the task to provide a better solution for us coffee lovers.

Halo make a promise that their¬†compostable coffee pods, will deliver the “World’s Best Coffees, In a Way That’s Best For The World”.

In 2018 more that 60 billion coffee capsules were created, and where are they all now? Landfill. Some of these might have gone through the recycling process, but as I mentioned, only a small portion of each capsule will have actually been re-used, leaving a significant amount of waste from our coffee addictions.

The shocking thing is, as we press the button on our coffee machines and wait for our humble cup of Joe, the reality is that little pod will be sitting on this earth for the next 500 years… our great, great great, grandchildren would have left this earth before that coffee pod and if that doesn’t terrify you, I don’t know what will! Okay, my mind is racing and I’m freaking out about my personal environmental damage! So let’s focus on what we can do to really make a change here.

Halo capsules are completely compostable, and will degrade in around 28 days – a whole lot sooner than 500 years! If you want to know more about the story behind Halo then head on over to their website to read more, but for now let’s get to the really fun bit – the actual coffee!


Halo CoffeeHalo CoffeeHalo Coffee


You can purchase your capsules directly from the Halo website, or you can sign up to a subscription service if you like to know your coffee will be on it’s way without having to remember to order it! This is great if you think you might just grab a pack of capsules from the supermarket if you’ve forgotten to order, and it means you never have to think about grabbing coffee again! This is also great because you can avoid buying in bulk which is obviously a big one off cost to do this and also means the coffee isn’t as fresh. By subscribing you’ll have fresh capsules every time and a small monthly fee – a total win win.

Halo has a full range of flavours and a decaf option which is perfect for me as I like to try and keep my caffeine intake to a minimum whilst also being a total coffee lover!



Halo is committed to compostability and protecting the environment and making a small change like switching up your regular coffee pods to degradable coffee pods might seem like a tiny step, but the results are enormous.