The Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box


Christmas eve presents are a huge deal in my family and we always buy each other a little something to open before going to bed on Christmas eve. The problem is we all love Christmas and love gift giving, so it gets a bit out of hand some years! Last year I got small presents for at the table with dinner and then Christmas eve presents to follow.



For the last couple of years I’ve now started making Christmas eve boxes and I love this far more than getting one gift. You can gather a few pieces with a theme, like a festive evening with slippers, a mug, hot chocolate and a face mask. Or you could put together some games and fun things to do in the evening.


I tend to go for a mix of things to use on Christmas eve and nice gifts that people will use after Christmas too. This year I’ve gone for personalised chocolate, beer and champagne, mugs, tea, chocolate coins and a few personal gifts like a notebook, diary and some hand creams. Nothing too expensive or too much, but a nice collection of gifts that are exciting to open the night before Christmas.


You can even buy actual Christmas eve boxes now too! I used to buy a festive box with enough room to fit all my gifts in, but this year I’ve got proper Christmas eve boxes!