The Bone Broth Low-Down

Bone Broth Powder

I have no idea if this is going to be of any interest to anyone but, I have scoured the internet for information and reviews on bone broth and collagen powders so I know that this would have been really helpful to me, so here goes…

You may or may not know that I have SLE Lupus and Fibromyalgia. If you have one autoimmune disease it is really easy for you to blur some lines and show symptoms of multiple so it is not unusual to have two or more. Since being diagnosed I have tried all sorts of pharmaceutical medicines, had every test and procedure under the sun, and experimented hugely with alternative therapies, treatments, supplements and diets. 

If anyone is interested in learning more about the things I have tried please do let me know because it is really hard to know how many people reading experience similar issues.

Anyway….! One supplement that I wanted to include in my diet was bone broth, or collagen powder. There is actually a lot out there in terms of bone broth for making soups etc, and pre-made fresh mixtures which look really tasty, however I don’t eat onion and I haven’t actually found any of these without. This lead me to powders. 

I have tried quite a few and I have found that they make a great difference when I am consistent and use them everyday. The main reason I have these are because I suffer from leaky gut (this sounds so much more gross than it actually is), which is where particles from your gut lining cross over your blood barrier, causing an immune response. The collagen and goodness found in these broths and powders can actually help your gut to heal, and protect you from this happening and causing symptoms and flares. 

I have a million and one issues with my digestion as a result of these lovely diseases and have been going in gung-ho to manage these issues naturally, in the hope to significantly reduce, and hopefully break away completely from medication. 

I have tried bone broth protein powders which are flavoured and designed to be consumed like a protein shake. I really enjoyed the taste of these, I found them really filling and the quantity did last me longer than I expected. The only problem is I am really sensitive to all sugars including artificial sweeteners so I personally found them a little sweet to taste, and didn’t work as well with my stomach as the pure powders. If you don’t have this sensitivity, or you are just looking for a cleaner protein then I highly recommend these. 



After realising that the powders with flavouring probably weren’t the best idea, I opted for a purer powder which can be consumed with meals, shakes, smoothies, but also hot drinks. I was really interested in this because I am a tea-aholic and go through herbal tea like there is no tomorrow so this is ideal for my lifestyle. 

I’m not going to lie to you…. The smell of the hot water with this powder in is comparable to a wet dog, or smelly socks, so you do need to mix it with something really strong in flavour to make it bearable. I am the type of person who will endure something horrendous if I think it is going to make me feel better, however I know that not everyone can control their gag reflex as well as I can… haha!!!

Ok I was being slightly dramatic. I usually mix mine with the Pukka three ginger tea or the Heath & Heather Root Remedy mix and both of these mask the taste really well. I have tried to mix the powder with a green tea before and it really was like some form of torture. 

I use this daily in one of the previously mentioned teas every morning, and I try to use it in my meal in the evening, especially if I am having something like a soup or asian dish which has a liquid base. Using herbs and spices is a great way to mask the flavour, and to be honest, when you have been having it for a while you do get used to the taste and it isn’t quite so bad. 

If you have any digestive issues, suffer from autoimmune diseases or just want to introduce something really healthy into your diet then adding bone broth is a really simple and effective way to do so. There are so many benefits and it is a great way to support your body from the inside. 

Here are the powders that I have used. Some are more expensive than others, and I have paid extortionate prices to import some powders from the US, therefore I have been researching the best powders that are available on Amazon in the UK. The best two I have found are Woldo Health and Mighty Balance, however there are so many brands out there now I’m excited to try more, including marine collagen. Woldo Health comes  in huge containers and you can buy packs of two which is so handy because I go through it so quickly. 

Let me know if you have tried any bone broth products and if they have worked for you OR if you have any alternatives/additional things to try for similar problems 🙂

Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer
Mighty Balance Premium Collagen Powder
Woldo Health Collagen Beef Protein Powder
Premium Beef Bone Broth Concentrate
Maximized Nutrition Bone Broth
Jarrow Formulas Beyond Bone Broth



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