The Best Christmas Presents I’ve Received

The Best Christmas Presents I’ve Received

With so much emphasis on spending, giving and treating others over the festive period, I thought it would be a really nice idea to reflect over the gifts that have been given to me, and mention the best presents I’ve received to give you ideas of presents for those who you have left to buy for (or give you ideas of things to ask for too)!

My favourite presents tend to be things that are really practical and that I’m going to use a lot, or complete surprises as I love it when someone chooses something that reminds them of me without me asking for it or suggesting it.


So it might not be at the top of everyone’s list in 2021, it’s probably not even at the bottom and if it is, Caroline Hirons will be crossing that off straight away! What I will say though is that the Clarisonic definitely had its time and I was one of many who was thrilled on Christmas morning when I opened the Clarisonic box!

There’s been leaps in terms of facial cleaners and facial cleansing gadgets over the last ten years, but the day I got the Clarisonic was the day my face had been clean for the first time ever. Nothing (even now) beats the feeling of using a Clarisonic to cleanse your skin and once a year or so I do get it back out for a cheeky cleanse, however I’m put off after the warnings that it’s too abrasive and damaging to your skin.

It may not be one for gifting in 2021, but in 2011 – it was the one!

Oral B Toothbrush

There’s a bit of a theme here! Electronic gadgets are great because they’re gifts you don’t tend to want to buy yourself but that you use everyday.

About 5 years ago I got an Oral B toothbrush for Christmas and it blew me away in terms of what it can do and how much better my teeth cleaning routine is with a toothbrush that’s actually fun to use.

There’s so many amazing toothbrushes on the market and if you can’t think of something you want, think about something you need.

Ring Light

A couple of years ago my boyfriend bought me a ring light for Christmas and it was unexpected and super exciting! I didn’t think to ask for a ring light for Christmas because it’s one of those things you always think you’ll buy yourself but never get around to.

We’ve both used it so many times for photos, filming and over the last year – Zoom calls! It’s actually quite a nice looking light so I have it in my office and it’s really handy and easy to use which makes it so worth the money.

If you’re a content creator, or even if you just need a bright light for work calls, crafts or projects around the house then a ring light is a great gift idea for someone, or something to ask for yourself.


The Christmas gift that we’ve all received at some point over the years. and despite it being a total classic, it’s one that everyone is happy to find under the Christmas tree!

I love getting perfume for Christmas, especially if it’s one of my old favourites, as I then associate the smell with Christmas day and the excitement and warmth of the holidays.

One of my favourite perfumes now is YSL Black Opium, so this little glittery bottle is always warmly received, however the perfume that I associate the most with Christmas is Jennifer Lopez Glow. My GOD does this scent take back to my 12 year old self spritzing my pringle style jumper on Christmas morning, thrilled with the blingy bottle and sleek design.

I might even treat myself to a bottle this Christmas for a full blast of olfactory nostalgia!

Jo Malone Advent Calendar

Ok, so this isn’t a Christmas present, but last year I got the Jo Malone advent calendar to count down until the big day and I absolutely loved it. Now, I must tell the full story here because it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies at the time!

I couldn’t quite believe it when I received this calendar. I had a pretty big hunch that this was the calendar I was going to get, but just thought I was going to disappoint myself if I really expected it!

Well, let me start by saying the calendar itself is truly stunning. It’s made from gorgeous, thick card, and feels luxurious (although I will say for the very high price point I wasn’t expecting), and each gift is wrapped in thick black tissue paper, sleeping in it’s own little drawer.

I was so unbelievably excited, but a few days in I found it really repetitive. Everyday was a mini perfume, with a few mini candles, and a few individual gifts, including a soap, mini shower gel and mini hand cream.

Don’t get me wrong I was running over to the calendar everyday to see what I got, but I did think at the time that I missed the variation and not knowing what brand or type of cosmetic it was going to be. I tend to go for mixed beauty calendars, so there’s a lot of variety in both brand and product, which in the past has always been something I love.

After Christmas I thought that I probably wouldn’t go for the Jo Malone calendar again, but actually it’s turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving and I’ve fallen more in love with it over the year than I was during advent which has never happened to me before.

During the year I’ve been able to actually fall in love with each scent properly, and use each perfume and product for its purpose and I’ve really fallen in love with it over time. It’s essentially allowed me to try out a new perfume every few weeks for almost an entire year, and the more I find that I love, the more excited I get all over again.

I feel like Christmas has stuck with me throughout the year, because the scents and tiny bottles remind me of advent, and it’s been a total dream to experience throughout advent, but also for so long after.

This advent calendar really was one of the best presents I received for Christmas, I just didn’t realise straight away!

It’s so funny how these things can work out, but I would absolutely recommend this calendar if you want to be super bougie and go all out, I did feel very special opening it everyday and having it sitting on my table. If you’re not bothered about trying and testing lots of different brands and products and you’re happy to have less excitement and surprise during advent, but a real treat in the following months using the products then this calendar is perfect.