The Bag Edit – Three Bags Every Girl Needs

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The Practical Bag – Cross Body


Every girl needs a cross body bag and to be honest, you probably have one (or five) in your collection. They’re great for all year round but I particularly love these in winter, purely because I don’t want to be trying to push a tiny bag strap over great big coat sleeves! Having a cross body with a long strap is perfect for going over big puffer jackets and teddy coats. I highly recommend investing in a long-lasting cross body as it’s such a timeless classic you’re guaranteed to use it for years and years.

The Statement Bag –  Faux Fur


It’s happened. I’m turning into my mum. Throughout my life my mum has gone through many phases of faux fur bags and to be honest, I thought this was embarrassing and a bit weird (sorry mum). Funnily enough I’m now jealous of her collection and have even got myself my very own fluffy number. I don’t even know what it is but the second I walked into Topshop and laid my hands on this bag I just couldn’t put it down. It is the softest thing in the WORLD and its pretty much like carrying a kitten around with you all day – who doesn’t want to do that?!?
I also think its such an easy way to make a statement without having to invest in anything too big or expensive and without committing yourself to something really crazy. Basically, it makes me very happy. There are so many ways to wear a statement bag; bright colours, different shapes and unusual designs, so if faux fur isn’t for you, don’t worry!


The ‘I Need To Carry My Life Around With Me’ Bag – AKA Backpack


I bloody love a backpack. I always have and I 100% always will. They are SO practical and easy to carry and they fit everything and anything inside! What’s better than chucking a million things into your bag and throwing it on your back?? You can have two hands free for twice the amount of shopping and twice the amount of drinks at a festival – win!
Backpacks have so much use all year round, especially for holidays and travelling. If you’re an over-preparer like me (is this a word??), or you just like to carry your camera and lenses, nugglets, chocolate and god knows what else, then a backpack is the answer.

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