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Three Pairs of Sunglasses to Get Your Hands On!

There aren’t many fashion pieces that I have consistently loved throughout my life, but sunglasses have been an important basic for me since I was tiny. Sunglasses are an easy way to play with colours, textures and styles without having to commit to a specific style, or invest too much, and if you change your mind or lose your confidence when you are out and about, you can switch them up there and then! There are three types that I think every girl needs in their collection…


The Statement Glasses.

This pair are from Marc Jacobs and when I saw them I just had to have them. I’m a sunglasses junkie and even though I have worked hard to overcome my obsession, glasses like this are the reason for my love affair.

They are outrageous. Like, ridiculous. I’ve put these on a number of times and thought ‘what are you actually doing’, but who cares!? Sunglasses are so fun to experiment with because they can make such an impact on your style without having to change much at all and you can have a completely different persona and vibe simply from a pair of sunnies.

I wore these to a festival as I felt that festival fashion was the perfect place for glasses like these. I’m excited to wear them in the winter too though, I’m thinking plain black, big jumper and these extra glasses?? My train of thought is the more simple the outfit, the more ok these are to wear? Fuck it I love them!


The Go-To, Reliable Pair.

For me, these are my Ray Bans. I’m pretty sure these are a permanent part of my body now. Whether it’s bright sunshine or rain, I’m wearing my Ray Bans. These are by far my most favourite pair of glasses and I can confidently say they’re the most versatile and reliable pair I’ve ever owned – massive statement there.

They go with EVERYTHING, they’re comfy and easy to wear, they’re small and simple so you don’t have to lug around a great big glasses case in your bag and they’re timeless style-wise.

I’ve had these for a few years and despite the fact I’ve worn them constantly, dropped them one too many times, sat on them, chucked them in my bag, got them caught in my hair 8 million times and they’re still going strong! They’re surprisingly indestructible in spite of their fragile appearance. If you want to try a more designer pair of sunglasses without breaking the bank and worrying you won’t get wear out of them, Ray Bans are 100% the way to go. Reasonably priced, tough and stylish – boom!


The Stylish Sunnies.

Every season there are amazing new eyewear collections, some I can safely say I will never want to try, and others I just can’t resist. I love buying more affordable brands for stylish sunnies as chances are I’m probably going to wear them to death for a season and then move on.

I have a special place in my heart for Quay glasses because I was seriously obsessed with this brand about 5 or 6 years ago. I’d buy a new pair every time I had the opportunity and had a strong collection going. What I love about Quay is that they’re pretty cheap, good quality and have trendy designs. For a widely available and affordable brand, you can still have quality and be up to date with the trends – win. I also love that you can buy them from ASOS and with premier delivery they are just too much to resist.



Ray-Ban Pink
Quay Australia
Marc Jacobs



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