Road Tripping

Road Tripping

I’ve lived across two different sides of the country, had friends and family hours away from me and lots of fun adventures all over the place which all equal one thing – lots and lots of road trips! With all these road trip miles under my belt I thought I’d share my tips to making a road trip an adventure in itself and not a part of your trip that you want to get over and done with – most of the time the road trip is the best part for me and what I look forward to the most!



Good Company

The key to the best road trips is having great company! My favourite road trips are when I’m going away with the girls, with my boyfriend or family and having silly chats and messing around for hours. Trips with my girlfriends are essentially a form of counselling and is the best way to get quality time with no distractions and no one disturbing you. 

If you haven’t had a change to catch up with the girls in a while, or there’s something on your mind that you need to talk over – get a trip booked and get in the car! We utilise this time so well, with turn taking to begin with for a quick catch up and then we spend as much time as we can putting the world (and each other) to rights. We always schedule in a stop too so if we need more time (we have a lot to talk about and I can talk a LOT), so our road trips have been known to be 4 plus hours on many occasions.



Great Snacks

I mean, snacks are the key to life obviously, but you definitely cannot attempt a road trip without a tonne of snacks. I always plan ahead and think about who is coming and what we all like and what we can and can’t eat (food allergy friends of course)!

I love to stock up on all my favourite treats and snacks and use it as an excuse to binge away.  As a group we end up with so much between us, but can you ever have too many snacks? Erm, no!



Scheduled Pit Stops

When you have snacks you need to have indulgent drinks too. I love stopping at Starbucks as they are the best place when you have allergies because of the alternative milk selection and their huge range of teas. I know some people are really against Starbucks as a company and other because they don’t like the coffee, but for me I love it all and it’s one of the best places in terms of range for me so for now, it’s still my favourite!

If I’m with my girlfriends, we stop off and chill in the sun for 20 mins to break up the journey and stretch our legs and enjoy making the trip more fun with people watching and chatting about where we are going and planning what we are going to do. 



A Killer Playlist

An epic playlist is a must especially if you’re read tripping alone. I love to listen to my music and belt out all my favourite tunes, this always puts me in the best mood! I plan my Spotify playlist before so I know I’m not going to run out of music or get bored too early into the journey. 

I have a go-to playlist when I’m alone and another for when I road trip with the girls. 90’s jams are the best for gal pal trips and always remember to start a podcast if you’re travelling alone as getting into a good story or podcast makes the time fly by! 



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