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Paris has such a special place in my heart. Paris was the first city I travelled to alone when I was around 17 and I continued visiting with my boyfriend, friends, family – pretty much anyone who would come with me, for years after.

There’s something that just connects with me when I’m in Paris. I love walking the streets, soaking up the atmosphere, people watching and noting street style ideas, sipping coffee and eating amazing food. I love the language, the architecture and the people (controversial for some reason I know, but I love the French, and find them to always be really friendly and welcoming).




If you’re going to Paris, you can easily enjoy a weekend break seeing some of the main highlights such as the Eiffel Tower, having a coffee date in Trocadero, visiting Notre Dame and the  Sacré-Cœur, but you could easily spend a week or so and not be bored for a moment.

There’s something for everyone in Paris, great food, music, architecture, museums, parks, festivals – the list goes on, Oh! and don’t forget you are only a 30 min train journey away from Disneyland!





I’ve visited Paris through all the seasons and love every single one, but I would say if you’re looking to have a more relaxed vibe, you like sitting in parks and people watching, summer is the best time to go. Sitting outside cafes and bars, under the Eiffel Tower and strolling along the river in scorching hot weather is so up my street. During the summer there is also a music festival, Rock en Seine which is one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to and so much cheaper than going to festivals in the UK.





Spring and autumn are great times to visit Paris, particularly for exploring the city as you can walk and travel without being freezing cold or boiling hot. There are so many museums and landmarks spread across the whole of Paris, so you can spend a good portion of your day on foot or on the Metro.





Even though winter is super cold, Paris in the winter is magical and I recommend you go during the festive season if you haven’t before. There’s lots of Christmas markets, Christmas trees, festive decorations and of course the most amazing festive atmosphere. For us in the UK, Paris is so easy to get to on the Eurostar, making it the perfect Christmas getaway either before or after the Christmas break.




A few places I recommend to visit when in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

The Louvre

Notre Dame

Arc De Triomphe



Champ de mars


Café du Trocadéro

Markets along the river by Notre Dame & the whole 4th arrondissement area

Rock en Seine Festival



Planning a trip to Venice?



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