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Yay! My favourite thing ever! I love talking about oil pulling. I tell everyone about it and if anyone comes to me for advice on how to be healthy or how to avoid getting ill, my consistent piece of advice is always… oil pulling!

I started oil pulling around 6 years ago while I was at uni. I was diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) and Fibromyalgia, and the combination of an autoimmune disease mixed with a student lifestyle was a disaster to say the least. The late nights, heavy smoking and even heavier drinking caused me to have severe tonsillitis and chest infections for well, pretty much an entire year.

I was researching ways that I could prevent illness, and aid my recovery without the constant use of antibiotics and somewhere along the line I discovered a strange thing called oil pulling.

There wasn’t much information on it and I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I found some sunflower oil and began! I was oil pulling for a few months and really REALLY noticed a difference. I eventually ended up missing a few days and felt awful. Really quickly after stopping I noticed I was feeling unwell and this has been the case the 2 or 3 times in total over the years I’ve skipped a couple of days. 



So what is oil pulling and how do you do it?

Essentially it’s using oil as a mouthwash, but for around 20 minutes rather than 20 seconds. You can use various different oils, but cold pressed coconut oil is the best. All you need to do is take a spoon of oil and put it in your mouth first thing in the morning before eating or drinking and swirl around your mouth and teeth for anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes.

This sounds like a big ask but to be honest, the time passes very quickly when you’re getting up and ready in the morning. Once I pop the oil into my mouth I wash my face, do my skincare and make my breakfast and usually 20 minutes has already passed. You can always shower while swishing the oil if this works better for you, or carry out your morning chores and rituals.

Spitting out the oil is the most important part as the oil will be full of toxins so you absolutely do not want to be swallowing it. The best thing to do is spit the oil down the toilet or into tissue to dispose of in the bin as oil can cause a lot of problems in the drain so to avoid any blockages, do this! Brush your teeth after and you’re good to go!



What are the benefits of oil pulling?


The benefits of oil pulling are pretty much endless, but I’ve listed a few of the main reasons I started oil pulling to begin with and the main reasons why most people turn to oil pulling in the first place.

  • Helps joint pain and inflammation 
  • Aids allergies
  • Whitens teeth
  • Helps improve symptoms of chronic fatigue and other conditions like arthritis and autoimmune disease
  • Relieves sinus and oral problems
  • Strengthens the immune system and supports the detoxification process
  • Can boost energy
  • Helps with digestive issues 
  • Kills bacteria in the mouth and improves bad breath

There are many many many more benefits to oil pulling, the list can go on forever. If you suffer from a specific condition or health problem then it’s well worth researching whether there’s studies into oil pulling and your condition as it’s highly likely oil pulling will help.

For those of you who don’t have any health conditions, why not just do it to help support your immune system and detoxify the body? It can only do you good 🙂


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