My Latest Coffee Fix

My Latest Coffee Fix
The coffee in this post was kindly gifted to me from John Watts & Son, but as with every post, I would only even mention something I love and would recommend otherwise.

For 10%* off John Watts & Son coffee online (*doesn’t include hampers, subscriptions, gift subscriptions) The code for this is: ATF10

I’m a coffee lover and have been since I was pretty young actually. I used to be a sucker for a cappuccino, but I’m a latte or espresso kinda gal these days. A few years ago I became, or had the realisation I’m quite sensitive to caffeine, and I’m certain now that drinking a hell of a lot of caffeine was causing me to suffer with pretty bad anxiety.

I know so many people who are fine with caffeine – Toby can knock back a triple espresso and he’ll barely notice a difference, whereas I also know there’s a lot of people out there like me, who prefer to stick to decaf for a whole host of reasons.
Decaf coffee comes with it’s own connotations. It’s assumed that it won’t taste the same, mix as well with alternative milks when making a latte, and the overall question I get from most people is “what’s the point?”.

Well my friends, the point is not everyone sips a cup of Joe for fuel and for a lot of people, coffee is an indulgent treat!
Not only do I love the taste, but I love the process. Whether you use a cafetiere, a percolator, a Moka pot, or you prefer to have a fancy coffee machine with all the bells and whistles, I’ve got you covered on the best decaf coffee out there.
I’ve tried my fair share of coffee, and I can safely say that there are a lot of terrible decaf options out there – I’ve wasted a lot of time and money working that one out, but John Watt & Son coffee is delicious.
The Mexican Mountain Water Process Decaf coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free and has the smooth taste that I love. The body, flavour, aroma and roast is super rich.

But taste aside, the number one test for me is how well a coffee mixes with almond milk and I can safely say my almond milk latte with this coffee was gorgeous – it’s my coffee art that needs work!
The method of decaffeination for this coffee is chemical-free, which is better for consumption and the environment, which is a total win. I’m very careful about what I put in my body and if decaf means extra chemicals then it’s not happening.

Origin: Mexico
Estate: Various
Varietal: Caturra, Typica
Grade: Excelso
Certification: Swiss Water Decaf
Processing: Wet processed – Decaffeinated

Not only was I lucky enough to try the Decaf Coffee, but I also tried their Blood Orange Tea. I am probably the biggest tea lover you’ll find and I sip on tea from the moment I wake up, until I go to bed (yep, I take a tea to bed with me in the evening)!




Blood Orange is one of my favourite flavours, so I was very excited to give this tea a try. There are lots of health benefits from drinking tea (one of the reasons I love it so much), so I personally think you can never get enough, and when it tastes this great it’s even better! If you love Blood Orange as much as I do you want to get your hands on this blend. I’m looking forward to having this tea iced for a refreshing drink in the summer months.


Check out the John Watt & Son website to find out more about what they offer.