My Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decorations

My Christmas tree fills me with absolute joy every year. I never tire of putting the tree up and getting the decorations out and spending time making my home cosy and festive. My tree is artificial and to be honest, we had some issues putting it up this year, with the boyfriend insisting he’d put the bottom bit in the stand despite it being very small compared to previous years… turns out it was wrong but so we had to rearrange halfway through which meant it wasn’t spread out and spruced in the way I usually do it haha!!

We also realised at the end of badly assembling the tree that the stand had actually broken along with the rest of 2020 (haha), however, I still love it and look forward to walking down the stairs every morning to a beautiful twinkly festive scene.

We agreed to have this artificial tree this year as it fits the small space that we have for a tree (our house is pretty spacious for what we need, but there isn’t really a big enough ‘area’ for a tree in any of the rooms), but we will make things work next year to fit a real one. I’ve never actually had a real tree and am envious every year of other peoples, but until last year I lived in a flat so a real one just wasn’t possible and last year I moved during the festive season so fake it was! Even though I’m already dreaming of next years tree, I am very much in love with the one we have because it’s so personal and brings back so many memories throughout my life.

This tree has a mix of different textures and sized branches, which I highly recommend looking for when buying an artificial tree as this helps make it look more realistic, thicker and fuller. It’s far less uniform in terms of shape and size than some other trees so this helps too. 

Of course the tree itself is important, but the decorations are the thing that makes a Christmas tree your own. I know a lot of people like to choose a colour scheme, but the thing I love the most about my tree is that every decoration is different. I’ve been collecting Christmas tree decorations for years and everywhere I go I collect new ones.

Each year I decorate my tree and have a reminder of all the amazing holidays I’ve been on and amazing people in my life. I also love adding all my new decorations from over the current year and see how they all fit together – nothing matches but that’s what makes it special. This year has been a bit of a let down on the Christmas decoration front as I have been… nowhere! I’ve picked up a couple of new decorations despite being locked in the house for most of the year, one being a gameboy style bauble because essentially I’ve played more games this year than ever due to Zoom and well, nothing to do ha! I also got some little elves with our names on and a penguin as this seems to be our Christmas tradition as a couple and we have one for each Christmas we’ve been together.

I would love to see your Christmas trees and will be scrolling through my Instagram keeping an eye out for everyone’s decorations! I hope you’re  having just as much fun decorating your homes! Merry Christmas xx



I got this angel just outside of a Church in Madrid. I was holidaying with one of my best friends Hannah and we had the most amazing trip travelling around Spain. Madrid was the first place on our trip and we had so much fun sightseeing, catching up on each others lives, eating amazing food and soaking in the Mediterranean culture that we both love so much.



I haven’t been to Australia myself, but my best friend Anneka went travelling for 3 months a few years ago and it was the worst 3 months without her haha! I’m joking it was absolutely fine but she’s not allowed to leave me for that long ever again and this decoration is a reminder of life without her in it haha!!


I love this boot as it’s one of my more classic decorations. I got it when I was in my favourite place on earth, Edinburgh. I was with my other bestie Kim and we had the coldest but best 4 days walking, sightseeing, drinking, chatting and relaxing. We are the ultimate city break team as we just love each others company and can talk endlessly about absolutely nothing, so wherever we are and whatever we do we have the best time!

This very Gaudi Santa is of course, from Barcelona! A group of us went to Barcelona a few years ago for my dads 50th. We went to the Spanish Grand Prix, ate a lot of tapas, relaxed on the beach and walked the city. It was such a great trip and one I’ll remember forever.



These three penguins are the decorations Toby and I have bought each Christmas we’ve been together. The first one was just a decoration Toby chose when we were shopping for a tree for his house and then we accidentally picked up another one the following year. Having realised that we’d got a penguin both Christmas’s we’ve now continued the tradition.


I love this camel. He’s not a decoration at all and I’m not even sure he works on the tree but that’s why I love him so much! I picked him up in the souks on a trip to Marrakesh and he’s been at the top of my tree every year since!


Every year we take a few gal pal trips and weekend breaks, including a bank holiday trip in the summer to Teignmouth in Devon. I have so many decorations from Teignmouth it’s getting a little out of hand, but they’re so fun and love the random beach vibes it gives the tree!



The decoration that made me cry this year. I had a real moment putting up the tree because I’ve missed my friends and family so much this year, along with my need for travel and adventure and after finally pulling myself together I found this which was given to me by my friend and these words have truly never meant so much to me and made me realise how important it is to have amazing people in your life and how special and unique it is to have friend as wonderful as mine (vomit inducing I know, but meet my friends and you’ll see for yourself)!!



This guy is from Portugal as you can probably tell, and is another ‘make-shift’ decoration made from a small ornament we bought in Faro. It reminds me of sunshine, beaches, sea, cocktails, amazing food and amazing wine.



This keychain was a present from Toby from Stockholm (he thinks haha). A couple of years ago he had to go away on the Nicki Minaj tour at short notice and we were distraught about not seeing each other for a few weeks. It actually turned out he only needed to go for a few days so it wasn’t too long at all, but in that time he went to about 4 different countries so the absolute destination is not confirmed haha!


Santa here is from Venice. I got him with a couple of other similar decorations when travelling around Italy a few years ago. It reminds me of canals and gondolas!


My family have been obsessed with National Lampoons Christmas Vacation since forever, and we all have squirrels in our Christmas trees because of the movie! A very strange tradition I know, but I love it all the same!


Another decoration from Edinburgh, but this time when I visited with my boyfriend on a valentines trip. We were able to stay right in the centre of the city and had an amazing apartment and is one of my favourite trips to remember.


My dad bought me a Starbucks decoration years ago when he came to visit me in my uni house and every year since I’ve bought him a decoration. I’m not really sure how or why this started but it’s still going.



There are so many more like this but here are a few snaps of my favourites.