Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Yay it’s Christmas eve! (reallllly trying to keep the enthusiasm here)…

I think Christmas eve is one of the best days of the year, maybe even more exciting than Christmas day because the anticipation and excitement is in full swing and you have all the magic of Christmas, with more still to come! This year… it’s a little harder to hold onto that magic.

I love Christmas eve and usually travel home and go for dinner with my family in town, however this year to make the most of spending time together in the small window that we were allowed, I had planned to travel home on the 23rd and have 2 whole evenings and more than just a day with my side of the family. We had planned dog walks, taking the drone out, catching up and having pizza for dinner on Christmas eve which, I’m not gonna lie, I was really looking forward to!

With the changes happening so frequently at the moment I should have seen this coming but these new restrictions really knocked me for six, and even though I will see my family again soon (fingers crossed), I have never spent a Christmas morning not at my parents!

The saving grace of this whole shit show of a Christmas (excuse my french), is that we get to spend Christmas day with Toby’s family and I absolutely cannot wait! We always have so much fun at theirs and even though I can’t see my mum and dad, Toby’s parents are definitely the next best thing 🙂

The fact that we’ve all made it through to Christmas this year is an achievement in itself, so take some time to celebrate, relax and spend some much needed time with family and friends. It’s looking like restrictions are going to tighten up even more after Christmas so make the most of this time now and remember that we’ve made it this far and we can do it again!

I mentioned a few charities in Blogmas day 1 that might be helpful for some people over the festive season and I wanted to mention them again incase anyone’s feeling lonely or like they need help over the next few days or coming weeks.

If you need any help with mental health or need some guidance and don’t know where to turn here are the links to both Mind and The Samaritans for anyone who may need to reach out or have a chat.

Have the most amazing and well deserved Christmas and I can’t wait to see you all again in the New Year!