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Hydration With A Twist!


I don’t function well when I’m dehydrated. I suffer badly with fatigue anyway so add dehydration on top and I’m a tired mess. In fact I’m pretty sure my brain grinds to a halt! Despite being completely aware of the benefits of drinking water (clearer skin, fewer toxins, improved concentration, helps digestion etc etc etc), I mean, the benefits are pretty much endless – I still have trouble remembering to actually drink.

I can down 20 cups of green tea a day, but there have been times where I can’t even remember the last time I had a glass of water. This is not good at all! If you’re like me and find it difficult to get your daily dose of H20, it might be time to make water a little more interesting and create it something you WANT to drink rather than simply out of necessity.

I’ve put together my favourite ways to make drinking water a little more exciting and pleasing to the tastebuds. All of these ideas are super simple and won’t take any time at all to create so you have no excuse!

Back To Basics


Adding lemon to water is the simplest way to make water refreshing and delicious. Slice up some lemons and mix with water and lots of ice for a healthy vitamin rich bevvy! There are so many benefits to adding lemon to water, it contains vitamin c, aids digestion, improves you skin and can even help freshen breath!


Engage The Electrolytes


Cucumbers are packed full of electrolytes that help boost hydration and re-balance lost minerals. This is great for when you’re hungover or have been feeling unwell and is a much better alternative to sports drinks and rehydration fluids.

Use a knife or a peeler to create curls of cucumber for added aesthetics!


Daiquiri Doppelganger


Who doesn’t want to be sipping on strawberry daiquiris all day long? Using strawberries and basil in your water can create a yummy alternative to a daiquiri without all the bad stuff (we all know the sugar and alcohol are the good bits but let’s just skim over that).

Chop your strawberries, tear up some basil and your good to go! If you want to make it even more like a daiquiri, you can muddle or blend the strawberries into the water and sip away!


Tasty Iced Tea


Some people just can’t drink water and I get it, but sipping on squash and sugary drinks isn’t going to help you feel healthy and definitely won’t be good for your body, so how about a refreshing iced tea? Typically iced teas are full of sugar and baddies, so try adding your favourite flavoured tea into cold water and let it infuse. Twinnings do some great iced tea infusions now which infuse really well into cold water, but any tea will do. I love hibiscus iced tea – it’s sour on the tongue and knocks any sweet cravings out the park!


Modest Mint


Is there anything more simple than adding some mint leaves to water? Probably not, but it’s the most refreshing twits you can add. Mint is great for having with dinner or after a meal which makes it the perfect partner for lunch at your desk or a picnic in the park.

Slap some mint and go!



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