Lounge Renovation Project

Lounge Renovation

I recently posted about our home renovation and wanted to create a more detailed post about my lounge specifically, as it’s my favourite room by far.

This part of the renovation was pretty much like starting with a blank canvas. Everything was painted the same pale blue; the walls, ceilings, skirting boards and even the carpet was the same shade and although it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t homey or particularly inspiring.

I guess the first decision we made was the colour of the room. Dark greens and blues are my favourite colours so I knew I wanted it to be one of these. I love darker shades and wanted to avoid any colours which could look too bright in the natural light, so I chose two colours from Farrow and Ball. These were Hague Blue and Duck Green. Probably my two favourite paint colours of all time. Together we settled on Hague Blue, with the compromise that it would only be on one wall. I am still an advocate for having the whole room painted but to have the colour at all, I went for the compromise haha!  


Farrow and ball paint


We knew we wanted to change the carpet to wooden flooring and made this a priority. Having a close friend who is a carpenter made our lives SO much easier and he was able to come round and go through all the details with us and we could specify exactly what we wanted. 

Because we were working with our friend to lay the floor, we also decided to complete the renovation with built in shelves and a cupboard in the space next to the fireplace. Having this built in meant that it fitted the space perfectly and gave us some storage, as the house really lacks in any storage at all.

Since having this built, we decided to go for the same unit on the other side of the fireplace rather than having a different TV unit. The main reason was to ensure that the wood was the same colour and finish and because the storage we gained from the cupboard has been priceless. The only downside of our house is that there is NO storage and with one room as a studio and one as an office/spare room, any storage space we can get, well take!

To finish off the room renovation, we added slate surrounding the base of the fireplace as there was nothing here previously, and a chunky piece of wood above the tiles.

The next challenge was finding the right furniture. Having had a glass topped coffee table for three years, the thought of cleaning glass again was enough to trigger a panic attack (OCD ESPECIALLY with glass haha), and I have always dreamed of having a marble and iron coffee table. I went on the hunt and found the perfect table from Swoon. It looks great and fits so well with the space. It has also been really nice having a bigger table and it being round means that it doesn’t seem as big or intrusive – bonus. Luckily we like the other pieces of furniture I had in my flat which saves us some money, but we needed a new sofa.

My boyfriends sofa was bright red and corduroy so that was absolutely going with no explanation needed, and in order to be fair, I said I would sell mine too so that we could buy a new one together. We both love corner sofas, and felt that this would work really well with the space. Now this is probably the hardest part of renovating so far! God does my partner have a lot of requirements and preferences when it comes to choosing a sofa. I had no idea that someone could be so damn fussy, however in the plea to be rid of the red cord, I was happy to continue searching. Eventually (haha), we found an amazing sofa from DFS, which we could get in a deep blue to match the wall. 


DFS Sofa


The last thing we need to find is a new rug to add another texture and element to the room and then we are all done!

We’re both really happy with how the lounge turned out and can’t wait to show you the rest of the house!

VILLA Harbour Oak
Funky Chunky Furniture 4×6 Solid Oak Rustic Mantel Shelf
Hague Blue



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