Looking For Somewhere To Eat & Drink?

Looking For Somewhere To Eat & Drink?

I’ve got a trip booked in December and have been making endless lists and doing a lot of research on places to eat, drink and visit, which got me thinking…

When I travel I want to make sure I’m making the most out of my time away, and I never like to leave a city or holiday location with places I didn’t get to tick off my list, so why don’t I do the same in my own city?

I love eating out and going for drinks, but I tend to find that I have a handful of favourite places and stick to those, most of which are in specific areas. If I was visiting my own city I would definitely be expanding my horizons when it comes to dining, so I wanted to play ‘tourist’ and see what exciting places I could discover.

In order to do this I used SquareMeal so I can easily find places to eat and drink in both my local city, and across the UK – ideal for weekend getaways!

SquareMeal is a restaurant review and booking service, with reviews of 5,000 London and UK restaurants and bars, making it easy to not only find the best places to go, but see reviews and go ahead and book!

Booking is super important to me now as since restrictions have lifted, most places are still doing booking only, or table service, so leaving it down to chance isn’t really going to work for me, as I’ve been turned away due to not booking a few times over the last couple of months. Restaurants are surprisingly busy right now, so I want to ensure that I’ve got my table secured ahead of time.

With mine and my partner’s anniversary coming up, I thought it would be worth investigating a champagne afternoon tea, as this isn’t something we would usually do as a couple, and more likely something I’d do with my girlfriends.

What I love about SquareMeals, is that I can search for a specific cuisine, or location, and it will show me those in a specified area or in my local area. Since doing this, I’ve discovered so many new places close to me, but it’s also broadened my horizons when it comes to eating out.

Searching for a champagne afternoon tea in Bristol led me to realise there was a tea room in Bradford on Avon and this is a place we’ve both been meaning to visit all summer.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, want to know more about the places to eat and drink in your local area, or you have a special event coming up, but no idea where to go – I recommend using SquareMeal as it literally does all the work for you, from searching, to booking!